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Missouri Surgeon Helps Pull Accident Victims From Wrecked Vehicle

surgeon helps car accident victims

A car accident that happened Tuesday, February 11 resulted in no fatalities, partly due to a Missouri surgeon who rushed to help. Andrew Collette, a southwest Missouri orthopedic surgeon, had worked in Joplin for the Freemason Health System for the … [Read more...]

Choosing Not to Wear a Seat Belt


Only 32 percent of people who have been killed in car accidents were wearing their seat belts. The State of Missouri witnesses 3-4% more fatal motor vehicle accidents as compared to the rest of the United States. Annually, more than 50% of the fatal … [Read more...]

The Impact of a Sympathetic Plaintiff in Personal Injury


There is good reason why 80% of personal injury lawsuits never see the inside of a courtroom. Defendant's lawyers know that sympathy plays a large role in a jury’s decision. This is particularly true for a truck accident, as the injuries are usually … [Read more...]

Can Uncle Sam Stake a Claim on Your Compensation?


The frenzy of tax season is just around the corner, and if you are like millions of other Americans, you may be worried about how much money you are going to owe this year. Most of it should be straight forward income that you have reported every … [Read more...]

Icy Roadways Causes Multiple Weekend Crashes


Several recent accidents were caused in Missouri by icy roadways. Venturing out and driving in the winter always necessitates extra time and extra caution. However, a little snow is generally more manageable than ice and losing control of a vehicle … [Read more...]

How to Proceed After a Detached Trailer Causes You Harm


With spring on the horizon, we are sure to start seeing many Missouri residents hitching their boat trailers to the back of their vehicle and heading out to the lake. Take care when riding alongside any vehicle with an attached trailer. These are … [Read more...]

Using the Services of a Life Care Planner in Car Accident Claims


It is very difficult to predict what a persons’ future may entail after they have been disabled in a car accident. The level of care necessary depends heavily on the type and severity of the injury sustained. In cases where the plaintiff has lost a s … [Read more...]