Internal Bleeding from Car Accident

Talk to a lawyer for Free 24/7 (314) 361-4242 : Internal bleeding is a very serious condition and requires immediate medical attention.

Serious injuries resulting from a car accident can cause financial hardship. The cause of internal bleeding is generally evident, such as a serious trauma, but in some cases, even minor trauma can cause internal bleeding. In some rare cases, it may take hours and even days for the injury to show up.

Common Causes of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be a result of trauma caused by a car accident or any other high impact accident. The main causes of internal bleeding are:

  • Whiplash or acceleration/deceleration injury – A whiplash injury can manifest itself as a traumatic brain injury. When the car comes to a stop suddenly, it can cause the brain to move vigorously inside the skull, which can tear veins and lead to internal bleeding. In case of a brain injury, even a small amount of bleeding can cause significant damage and even permanent disability.
  • Blunt force trauma – The impact of a blunt force trauma can compress the internal organs and cause significant damage. If compression occurs, the affected organ can bleed within itself. In case of a severe injury, the organ lining can tear and internal bleeding can spill out into the abdominal cavity.
  • Medication injury – In some cases, the side effects of medication can lead to internal bleeding. A doctor may prescribe the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage, causing complications leading up to internal bleeding.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

The symptoms of internal bleeding can range from being minor to extremely serious depending on the severity of the condition. Here are some symptoms of internal bleeding:

  • Orthostatic hypotension – The patient may feel dizzy when standing up from a sitting position.
  • Shock – Heavy internal bleeding can cause the pulse to increase, blood pressure to drop, and the skin can become clammy.
  • Bruising – When blood moves towards the skin, it can show up as bruising.
  • Pain and inflammation – The affected area can become inflamed and painful.
  • Visible blood – The injured person may start bleeding from orifices such as the ears or nose.

Internal bleeding can have a serious effect on the eyes and the brain. Even a small amount of bleeding in the brain can cause symptoms such as:

  • nausea or vomiting
  • lethargy
  • seizure
  • slurred speech
  • unconsciousness
  • weakness on one side of the body
  • coma

Internal bleeding in the eyes can cause symptoms such as:

  • hazy vision
  • blindness
  • floating objects in the field of vision

Treatment of Internal Bleeding

A patient who shows signs of internal bleeding should be given immediate attention. Treatment is provided to stop bleeding and repair any organ damage that may have occurred. In some cases, such as those in which internal bleeding has occurred in the abdomen, prominent blood vessels have ruptured, blood clots are pressing against the brain, or there are serious fractures, surgery may be required.

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