Knee Injury from Car Accident

The knee is one of those body parts that are most susceptible to injury in a car accident. Talk to a Lawyer for Free 24/7 at (314) 361-4242!

The knee can bang against the dashboard, the steering column, the door, or any other place in the car due to the impact of the collision and sustain an injury. There are various types of knee injuries, and treatment varies with type and severity of the injury. The severity of a knee injury depends on the force of the impact, the speed at the time of impact, the angle at which your knee has hit the dashboard or other places in the vehicle.

Symptoms of Knee Injury

If you are involved in a car accident, you should get a physical examination done to rule out any injuries, especially knee injuries, as certain injuries are not felt immediately after the impact and the symptoms start showing after a period of time. The pain may be mild initially and can get worse eventually, impacting the day to day life as the knee becomes unstable and starts affecting normal walking and other activities.

Discoloration: The bruise can cause the injured area to become discolored. If the area becomes infected, then the affected area may start looking green or yellow.

Temperature variation: As a normal reaction to the injury, the knee may try to heal itself and this response might make the injured area feel warmer than usual. A warm knee may also indicate an infection.

Limited range: The patient might not be able to move the limb in ways he/she could before the auto accident. This can be a sign of serious knee injury.

Sensation: After the injury, the knee may become sensitive to the touch and may become tender and sore.

Reduced strength: The shock of the crash and the subsequent injury to the knee can result in reduced strength. It is the body’s way of telling you that you have been hurt and need to recover.

The trauma and blunt force of a car accident can pose a variety of risks to your health. Knee injuries are common injuries reported in car accident cases. Untreated knee injuries can cause future mobility issues.

Types of Knee Injuries Due to St. Louis Auto Accidents

A car accident can lead to a variety of knee injuries including:

Knee fractures: The intense exertion or force put upon a bone can cause a fracture. This can further lead to discoloring and bone deformities. In some severe cases, the bone may start sticking out of the skin. Doctors may use a cast to hold the broken bone in its place while it heals. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

Knee dislocation: Bone dislocation occurs when it is not in a place where it should be. In the case of knee dislocation, the leg bones are not in the right position with respect to the thigh bone known as the femur. This normally occurs if the knee hits a hard surface such as the dashboard. In severe cases, the dislocation can cut off blood supply to the leg and necessitate amputation.

Sprain/strain: Stretch, tear or any type of damage to the tendons, muscles, ligaments or joint capsules cause a sprain or strain.

Torn cartilage: The knee pads act as shock absorbers, and any trauma to the area can cause a tear in the connective structure. This can result when there is a sprain or strain to the knee.

Anterior cruciate ligament injury: This is a ligament that runs across the knee and provides stability and strength. Any damage to this ligament is serious and requires immediate medical attention.

Posterior cruciate ligament injury: It runs across the ACL and is a stronger ligament that provides support and acts a brake. Severe shock and trauma can cause a tear or injury.

Medial collateral ligament injury: It is a common sports injury, but also occurs as a result of car accidents. MCL injury can cause a tingling sensation in the knee. This injury might require surgical treatment and prolonged medical care.

Treatment of Knee Injury

Treatment for a knee injury varies with the severity of the injury. The first treatment for minor injuries is RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This helps in reducing the swelling of the knee and thereafter a doctor is able to carry out a correct diagnosis to ascertain the extent of injury. An X-ray or MRI is conducted by the doctor to gauge the severity of the damage. In case of minor injury like a sprain, the doctor may prescribe some pills for pain and swelling accompanied with lots of rest, as healing can occur only when the knee is immobile.

A severe knee injury like a ligament tear also follows a similar treatment like a sprain. However, the treatment continues for a prolonged period and is followed by physical therapy. A ligament tear treatment on the other hand may involve surgery.

Receiving Compensation for Medical Expenses

Treatment for a severe knee injury is quite expensive and unfortunately, some accident victims do not have medical insurance to pay for the bills. Contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 for legal guidance.

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