PTSD After Car Accident

Mental issues make for much more complicated claims because they are less apparent.

Visible injuries, such as broken bones, are often easy to prove, making liability and the exact settlement amount the only matter to discuss. On the other hand, mental issues make for much more complicated claims because they are less apparent.

Combining With a Physical Injury

PTSD often occurs in combination with a physical injury in a car accident. When this happens the personal injury process may be more straightforward and increases your chances of successfully receiving damages for PTSD. That being said, you can still pursue benefits on the grounds of PTSD alone.

Medical Bills Related to PTSD

You cannot diagnose yourself with PTSD, at least not in the eyes of the law. The first expense you will accrue from PTSD is medical bills. The reason is that you must see a mental health professional to diagnose your issue, then you will incur costs for treatment. This might mean medication and regular trips to a therapist, both of which are costly.

Lost Wages and PTSD

Your PTSD might get so severe that you cannot work. This effect is especially prevalent for people that work in the driving industry. A traumatic car accident might make you terrified of getting in a car again, which will inevitably decrease your earning power. You can lose wages in other industries too, as driving and any other activity might trigger your symptoms.

Expert Witness Testimony

A factor you should consider when choosing a doctor is whether or not they are comfortable testifying on your behalf. The reason is that you’ll need to prove your condition to the opposing party, and if required, to a judge in court. A written note might not be enough in these situations, so it is best to work with a mental health professional that will represent you in court as an expert witness.


Car accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The symptoms of TBI include irregular breathing, dizziness, lack of coordination, poor balance, and reduced endurance. A new study has shown that some symptoms may make it difficult to give a diagnosis of TBI, especially if the person has been through a traumatic event in the recent past. The study shows that symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and TBI could be similar. A traumatic brain injury can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including work, school, and relationships.

Overlapping Symptoms of PTSD and TBI

PTSD and TBI both affect the brain; however, one is a result of a traumatic injury and the other is a result of a traumatic event. A recent study published in the Journal Psych Central has revealed some startling similarities between the symptoms of both PTSD and TBI. These symptoms include reckless or aggressive behavior and aggression.

The potential for confusion between the diagnoses is quite high, especially if the person has suffered both a traumatic event and a traumatic injury. In such cases, doctors may misread the signs of a traumatic brain injury. When a person reports overlapping symptoms, it can lead to a misdiagnosis and a doctor may provide the wrong type of treatment for the condition, leading to further complications.

TBI Patients at High Risk of PTSD

According to research, those who suffer from TBI are more likely to suffer from PTSD as well. TBI sufferers may not get a PTSD diagnosis when needed. This can lead to no treatment or wrong treatment.

Why You Need to Be Careful

The unfortunate truth about PTSD is that it often takes months or years to develop. Furthermore, it might present itself early, but you could discount it as regular anxiety and not realize it is a more severe condition until later. This is one of the primary dangers of PTSD because people often settle their cases before it ever starts affecting them. The best defense against this issue is watching out for signs of the disorder and taking them seriously if they are present.

Seek Legal Help from a St. Louis Accident Lawyer

There is a thin line that separates PTSD and TBI. Victims of severe car accidents can suffer both traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Getting the right diagnosis is extremely important not just to receive the correct treatment but also to make a claim for compensation. Legal issues surrounding TBI and PTSD can be complex. Seek legal help from a St. Louis automobile accident attorney. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 for a free consultation.

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