Sun Glare Car Accident in St. Louis – Who Is at Fault?

One common misconception is that driving at night is always more dangerous than driving during the day.

There are many different reasons car accidents can happen. It only takes a fraction of a second to lose control of the vehicle. However, one common misconception is that driving at night is always more dangerous than during the day.

While it’s clear why night driving may be risking, how is driving during the day posing a challenge?

To answer this question, we need to talk a bit about sun glare.

Why Sun Glare Can Cause an Accident

Sun glare, or very bright sunlight, can either temporarily blind a driver or create an optical illusion making them see things that are not there. Either way, it’s the reactions the driver may have afterward that can usually lead to an accident.

It’s rather unusual to think that driving in a bright sunny day could potentially have a negative impact, yet the reality shows these cases do happen. Some studies even estimate that sun glare can increase the risk of car accidents by as much as 16%, comparable to strong light use during the night.

How to Determine Liability

Establishing fault in these type of accidents is generally very difficult, and you should reach out to a St. Louis car accident lawyer if you are in this situation. The Missouri law states that whoever is responsible for the accident is also liable for damages. However, in the case of sun glare collisions, it wasn’t the driver’s negligence that led up to the crash, but an element completely out of their control.

As such, you have to take a closer look at the facts. It’s possible to argue that it was the driver’s responsibility to prepare for driving in very sunny weather (like wearing sunglasses, or placing protection on the vehicle windows), but you may also have to prove their actions had foreseeable consequences. But since the weather isn’t entirely foreseeable, that can be a rather tough argument to make.

Another issue that will be brought into question is whether it was direct sunlight or not. In some cases, the light can reflect in the mirrors of another vehicle, with neither party being able to avoid it. The driver in the front is fixing their mirror and unknowingly reflects strong light to the driver behind, which leads to the accident. In these cases, it’s possible for neither party to be found liable.

What Should You Do?

If you’ve been in a car accident caused by sun glare, you should contact a St. Louis car accident attorney to see if you have a case for an injury claim. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your situation and establish if you have grounds for a case or can recommend other courses of action you can take to recover compensation.

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