Runners – 8 Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

Car accidents involving runners can happen in an instant, before either the driver or the runner is aware of impending danger. Runners and pedestrians have suffered serious and even fatal injuries in road accidents. Many of these accidents occur in the blink of an eye, before the driver can even notice someone is running, riding a bicycle, or walking … Read more

Loss of Control While Driving: Ways You Can Avoid It

The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., believes that it may be possible for a driver to stay in control of their vehicle by following a few simple precautions. A large number of car accidents are caused by drivers losing control of their vehicles. While in some cases the driver may lose control of the vehicle due … Read more

Failure to Yield Right of Way to Pedestrians

A large number of pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks and are often the fault of the driver of the car. Car-pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence across the United States. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur due to the fault of the driver, who either did not look out for any pedestrians or simply failed to yield … Read more

Will You Have Sufficient Coverage while Riding in an Ubercar?

uber car accident lawyer

This app-controlled driving service has revolutionized the cab industry and made it possible to get around the city with ease. Payment information is stored and deducted at the end of the trip, while drivers and passengers are sent identifying pictures to ensure that the right passenger gets into the correct cab. Who Is Liable for … Read more

Can Using Google Glass Save Missouri Drivers from Auto Accidents?

google class while driving

Are heads-up displays (HUDs) used in automobiles a safer alternative to using a cell phone while driving? A heads-up display such as Google Glass was designed to make it easier for drivers to multi-task. Instead of having to reach for a cell phone to make a call or create a text, drivers are able to read … Read more