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Injured in Car Accident and Cant Work

If your ability to return to work at the same level as before a car accident has been compromised, let our of car accident lawyers help.

work restrictions due to car accident

Your employer is under no obligation to keep you under their employment if a physical or mental disability from a car crash is affecting your job performance. Our St. Louis Law Firm can help you pursue compensation from the at-fault driver for your loss of income.

Medical restrictions resulting from a catastrophic car accident are very common. A Neck or Back injury can affect your ability to lift, stand, or even sit for long periods of times. These restrictions placed on you by a medical professional could hinder the way you would normally handle workplace responsibilities.

Your Right as a Car Accident Victim

Your first priority after an accident is complete physical recovery. In order to do this, you need to be clear with your treating physician about all the symptoms you are experiencing. In addition, if your physician is advising that a return to work is safe, be sure that you provide them with a detailed description of your work responsibilities. Often times there are components of a job that could hinder a car accident victim’s full recovery from their injuries. Under these circumstances, the physician would provide you with a note for your employer, detailing any restrictions that are related to your job.

Not only is a car accident victim encouraged to seek compensation for any wages lost while recovering from a car accident, but they may also pursue damages if the accident has affected their potential for future employment opportunities. This is true even in the event that the injury sustained allows them to return to the workforce in a limited capacity. If you are missing promotion opportunities and pay raises due to the injury, those losses can be considered in your car accident claim.

The law protects car accident victims from suffering unduly for injuries that affect their future loss of earnings. If a mechanic, for example, was to suffer a back injury in a car accident that prevented him from fixing cars, he would have the right to pursue damages for the income he would have made in the future, even if his back injury permits him to perform office duties.

Personal injury law is designed to help victims of negligence recover economic damages. This includes medical expenses, property damage, and wage losses incurred as you recovered from your injuries. It also allows for future expenses to be compensated at the same time, not only for medical care, medications, and therapy but for the future loss of earnings.

You have most likely spent years being an active member of the Missouri workforce and building towards a secure future. If those plans are suddenly derailed from the act of another driver’s reckless behavior, exercise your right to pursue compensation.

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