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Our St. Louis Car Accident Law Firm has earned our credentials through successful negotiations and vigorous courtroom trial representation. With 25 years of experience and thousands of successful cases, car accident lawyer Christopher Hoffmann focuses his practice exclusively on handling injury claims arising out of accidents in St. Louis, Missouri. When you hire our firm, you can be confident that everything will be done to protect your rights and recover the compensation you deserve.

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Why Hire the Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.?

Our sole focus is helping motor vehicle accident victims receive total and fair compensation, even in injury accident cases involving uninsured or under-insured drivers. To increase chances for a positive outcome, our firm prepares every case as if it will go to trial:

  • Investigating the car accident.
  • Interviewing witnesses.
  • Gathering evidence to prove the other driver was at fault.

We are fully prepared to handle the most complicated cases. At The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., we never rush to settle your case for less than its total value. We do not hesitate to take matters to court when insurers refuse to treat you fairly.

What Types of Compensation May I Receive?

  • Cost of medical treatment, including hospitalization, prescription drugs, doctor visits, ambulance fees, and physical therapy
  •  Emotional pain and suffering
  •  Loss of income
  •  Repair or replacement of the vehicle
  •  Diminished earning capacity
  •  Loss of companionship
  •  Funeral costs in case of wrongful death
  •  Rental car fees
  •  Punitive damages

How Do I Receive Full Compensation?

It usually takes work to determine the right compensation amount that someone in an auto accident deserves. Only an experienced St. Louis Car Accident Attorney can consider all factors and help get the maximum possible compensation for the losses suffered in the car accident. It’s crucial to schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer soon after an accident. Delay or failure to do so can jeopardize the chances of getting the full compensation you may be entitled.

Only give a recorded statement or sign a settlement after consulting an experienced attorney. It is essential to determine the actual value of the case before an agreement is approved, and only a competent attorney can do so.

What Other Steps Should I Take After an Auto Accident?

  • Get immediate medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the car accident.
  •  Report the accident to the police and fully cooperate with the authorities.
  •  Do not discuss the fault with other parties, including the driver and the insurance company.
  •  Maintain records of all medical bills and other expenses related to the car accident.
property damage and injury checklist

Documenting Property Damage Claims

If you have a property damage claim, you need the following three things for your car accident lawyer to make a claim:

  1. Estimate – Written estimate from a dealership or collision center (insurance estimates are not admissible in court)
  2.  Fair Market Value – Printout of the Kelly Blue Book Value and NADA Value – Do this today! Print this immediately. If you wait six months, the car will be worth less.
  • Photos – Get photos of the damage, the rest of the outside of the car, and the interior. Clean out the inside of the vehicle before taking pictures. Remove floor mats if they look bad. When photographing the damage, make sure to get tough to photograph areas, including damage extending into the engine, trunk, frame rails, and suspension. Here are some examples:
    • Rear-End Collisions: Take photos from behind the vehicle looking at the damage for rear-end collisions. Make sure to take pictures from angles looking across the bumper, not just at it, to show how far it is smashed in. Open the trunk and pull back the rug to photograph any crumping of the trunk floor and damage in the spare tire area. Take photos of this and the broken suspension if the car sits low or dips to one side.
    •  Head on Collisions: For head-on collisions, take photos looking at the front bumper and across the bumper to show the depth of damage. Open the hood and photograph any damage extending into the engine compartment, including the radiator, air-conditioning, or engine. Take photos of the broken suspension if the car sits low or dips to one side.
    • Side-Impact Collisions: With sideswipe accidents, take photos looking down the side of the car. Open the doors and take pictures of the door frame or foot-well damage.

WARNING: Do not sign a “Release of Claims” for property damage. Have any release reviewed by your lawyer. Most releases include language that releases “any and all claims whatsoever,” hence you would mistakenly be releasing your injury claim and any other claim as well as property.

Documenting Your Injuries in Medical Records

Documenting your injury in your medical records is a must! When going to the ER, Primary Care Doctor, MRI, Specialists, Physical Therapy, or any other provider, make sure to write the following on the medical records whether there is a spot for it or not: 

  1. State that you were in a Motor Vehicle Accident and write when it occurred.
  2.  Write the Cause of the accident: ex. Rear-ended at a stop sign; the car ran a red light and hit me; the car ran a stop sign, pulled across traffic, came into oncoming traffic, etc.
  3.  List all body parts injured and any pain radiating from one body part to another.
  4.  Mark all body parts on the pain diagram and draw arrows or lines regarding radiating pain – for example, neck pain radiating into the shoulder and down arms or low back pain radiating into the buttocks and legs.

REMEMBER: If records are completed electronically, ask the provider to see the documents to ensure everything is listed correctly.

What Other Parties May Be Held Liable in an Accident?

  • Bar or restaurant in cases of car accidents caused by drunk drivers
  •  Trucking companies that have flouted regulations
  •  Mechanics who failed to repair a vehicle properly
  •  Government authorities who failed to maintain proper roadway conditions
  •  Manufacturers for creating defective vehicles or parts

Free Consultation with a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t talk to an insurance claims adjuster before speaking with The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We can help you avoid making statements that may affect the outcome of your case. The consultation is free; you don’t pay unless we get you money!