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Uninsured Motorist Lawyer St. Louis

Each year in Missouri, thousands of people are in car accidents involving an uninsured motorist. If you find yourself in such a situation, consulting with an uninsured motorist attorney is essential.

Auto Accident Lawyer St. Louis

According to some estimates, the average cost of car insurance in Missouri is around $1,334 annually, making it 6.5% less than the national average.

Despite being compulsory and inexpensive in Missouri, 16% of drivers remain uninsured. As a result, the state mandates uninsured/underinsured coverage. This type of coverage can be highly beneficial in cases where drivers find themselves in an accident with an uninsured motorist or with someone whose coverage does not adequately cover all associated costs.

However, the uninsured motorist coverage isn’t all-encompassing.

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

To ensure adequate protection in an accident with an uninsured motorist, it’s essential to understand the limitations and exclusions of your insurance policy. An uninsured motorist attorney can help clarify these details. Uninsured motorist coverage typically has a minimum limit of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury. However, higher limits are available for those who desire greater protection.

It’s important to note that uninsured motorist coverage only applies to bodily injury and does not cover damage to your vehicle or property. This means that if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you may be responsible for covering the costs of repairs yourself.

Specific exclusions may apply to your policy, such as not being covered if you use a vehicle to transport passengers for a fee, like with a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. Committing a crime while driving may also invalidate your coverage. Additionally, if you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, you must report the incident to the police within 24 hours and file a claim with your insurance company within 30 days to avoid denying your claim.

Understanding these crucial details can ensure you are adequately protected in an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Underinsured Motorist Accidents

Reducing monthly expenses by opting for minimum car insurance coverage may seem wise; however, it can lead to significant problems if you are involved in an accident with an underinsured driver. You could incur substantial out-of-pocket expenses if the driver at fault lacks insurance coverage for your medical bills and vehicle damage repairs.

Underinsured motorist coverage can help protect you financially in these situations. This type of coverage can help cover the gap between the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage and the actual costs associated with the accident. Carrying underinsured motorist coverage ensures you are not left with overwhelming expenses after an accident.

Injured in an Uninsured Motorist Car Accident in St. Louis?

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Who will pay for your injuries if you are a victim of an uninsured driver car accident?

Having an uninsured motorist lawyer by your side can simplify the process, ensuring that you fully understand your insurance policy’s Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage and can get the compensation you deserve.

Liability insurance can be expensive, and as a result, there are many uninsured motorists on the road. In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, it can be challenging to determine how to receive compensation for your bodily injuries. However, there is an avenue for financial protection – your insurance policy’s Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage.

By carrying UM coverage, you can receive compensation for your injuries even if the at-fault driver does not have insurance. This coverage can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other associated expenses. While dealing with the aftermath of an accident with an uninsured driver can be frustrating, having UM coverage can provide peace of mind and financial protection when needed.

What Vehicle Damage is Compensated Under UM Coverage?

It’s essential to carefully review the details of your UM coverage to determine whether vehicle damage is included in the compensation offered. If your policy does cover vehicle damage, you may receive financial compensation for repairs to your vehicle in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver. However, if your UM coverage does not include vehicle damage, it may be covered under your collision coverage.

It’s worth noting that there may be situations where neither UM nor collision coverage applies to the vehicle damage. In these cases, you may be responsible for paying for the repairs out of pocket. An experienced St. Louis car accident attorney can provide guidance and legal advice regarding the specific terms of your insurance coverage.

When and How Much Compensation May You Receive?

Compensation for accidents involving uninsured drivers depends on your insurance policy. Some policies cover hit-and-run accidents, but only if your vehicle was damaged or you were injured. Others may require identifying the driver and vehicle for compensation.

If you are injured while on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation and disability benefits, which can help cover your medical expenses. Additionally, your insurance policy may include medical payments coverage, which can also provide compensation for medical bills related to the accident. In some cases, your UM compensation may be reduced by the amount you receive from these other sources of financial support.

If you or a family member are riding in another person’s car and are injured in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, the primary insurance policy for claiming compensation will be that of the vehicle’s owner. Your UM coverage will generally serve as a secondary source of compensation and will only pay for bodily damages that the primary policy has not compensated. It’s essential to understand the specific terms of your insurance policy to determine what compensation you may be eligible for in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver.

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance?

If you are involved in a car accident and are looking to determine if the other driver has car insurance, there are several methods you can use to obtain this information.

Ask for Their Insurance Information

Your first action should be to ask the other driver for their insurance information. However, remember that not everyone will be truthful or forthcoming with this information. In some cases, the other driver may refuse to provide their insurance information or may provide false information.

Check for an Insurance Sticker

Another method to determine if someone has car insurance is to look for an insurance sticker on their windshield. Many insurance companies provide their customers with these stickers, which indicate that the driver has at least some form of coverage. However, it’s important to note that the absence of a sticker doesn’t necessarily mean the driver is uninsured.

Seek Help from the Police

If the other driver is uncooperative or you cannot obtain their insurance information, contacting the police may be your best option. When you file a police report after an accident, the officer will typically check the other driver’s insurance status and include this information in the report. You can obtain a copy of the police report from the precinct where it was filed to learn if the other driver has insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is uninsured motorist coverage, and why is it important?

Uninsured motorist coverage is a type of insurance that protects drivers if they are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance. It helps cover medical expenses, property damage, and other damages incurred due to the accident. It is essential because it provides additional financial protection for drivers, ensuring they have coverage even if the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured.

How does uninsured motorist coverage work in St. Louis, MO?

Uninsured motorist coverage in St. Louis, MO, typically works by allowing drivers to file a claim with their insurance company if they are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. The insurance company may then compensate the injured driver for damages up to the policy limits of their uninsured motorist coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

What should I do if I’m involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist?

If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured motorist, it is crucial to take steps such as documenting the accident scene, exchanging information with the other driver, and seeking medical attention if needed. It is also important to notify your insurance company of the accident. Consulting with an experienced uninsured motorist lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options for seeking compensation.

Can I still pursue compensation if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance?

Yes, you may still be able to pursue compensation even if the at-fault driver does not have insurance. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim with your insurance company to seek compensation for your damages, subject to the terms and limits of your policy. Alternatively, you may explore other legal avenues, such as suing the at-fault driver directly. However, recovery may depend on their ability to pay. Your options should be discussed with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer.

How can an uninsured motorist lawyer help me with my claim?

An uninsured motorist lawyer can provide valuable legal assistance with your claim by advocating for your rights, negotiating with insurance companies, assessing the value of your damages, gathering evidence to support your claim, and representing you in legal proceedings if necessary. They can provide legal guidance and help navigate the complex process of dealing with uninsured motorist claims, maximizing your chances of obtaining fair and just compensation for your injuries and damages.

It’s important to consult with a qualified attorney for comprehensive and personalized legal advice related to uninsured motorist claims, as laws and regulations may vary by jurisdiction.

Speak With a St. Louis Uninsured Motorist Attorney

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, and dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming. It is crucial to understand the importance of having proper insurance coverage, including uninsured motorist coverage, to protect yourself in case of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. Additionally, knowing how to find out if the other driver has car insurance can help you take the necessary steps to receive proper compensation for your damages and injuries.

However, if you have been injured in a car accident, it is essential to speak with a St. Louis uninsured motorist lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can help you navigate the complex legal process and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses. They can also help you understand your legal rights and options and guide you throughout the process.

Don’t face the aftermath of a car accident alone. Contact a St. Louis car accident lawyer today to ensure you get the help and compensation you deserve.

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