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Car Accident Settlement & Verdicts

Welcome to our Car Accident Settlement Results page. We are proud to highlight some of the verdicts and settlements we have achieved for our clients. Our firm’s focus is personal injury, and these case results represent a wide range of accidents, from car and auto accidents to bus and truck accidents.

These cases involve injuries as diverse as wrist fractures, concussions, head and foot injuries, cervical disc bulges, rotator cuff injuries, facial lacerations, ruptured spleens, and many more. We have secured policy limit settlements from uninsured and underinsured motorists, even in cases where liability was initially disputed or denied.

In addition, we have also handled claims involving wrongful death, fractures, hernias, whiplash, contusions, and other types of bodily harm.

Each case is unique, with its own set of challenges and complications. However, our consistent approach to personal injury law has repeatedly helped us secure favorable client results.

Please note that past results are not indicative of future outcomes. Each case is different, and the result depends on various factors. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we can promise to fight vigorously for our client’s rights and interests.

Please browse through our case results below to learn more about how we’ve been able to assist our clients in their time of need.

  • $1,500,000 wrongful death lawsuit against a trucking company claiming the driver causing the accident was an independent contractor.
  • $480,000 settlement for a car accident causing bilateral hip fractures.
  • A $250,000 policy limit settlement for a rear-end collision resulted in a client losing consciousness and suffering back pain, with an additional underinsured coverage claim pending.
  • $65,000 settlement after depositions and expert consultations for a car accident causing lower back and neck injuries initially disputed by the insurance carrier.
  • Several policy limit settlements were obtained in wrongful death cases and cases involving severe injuries such as multiple fractures, a left femur fracture, a left-hand fracture, fractured ribs, and a broken jaw.
  • Off-duty railroad worker injured in a truck accident underwent neck surgery performed on a lien basis as they lacked health insurance.
  • In southern Missouri, a young woman was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and suffered severe whiplash. The trucker’s insurance company made no initial offer, but a significant settlement was reached after a lawsuit and discovery process.
  • Multiple settlements were reached for a variety of motor vehicle accidents causing injuries such as lumbar fractures, humerus fractures, concussions, and foot fractures. Some cases involved the application of Missouri Lien Law Statutes to reduce and satisfy medical bills, as some clients lacked health insurance.
  • Settlements were also reached for a car-pedestrian accident resulting in a knee fracture and a separate case where an intoxicated pedestrian was struck by a vehicle.
  • In a hit-and-run incident, an uninsured motorist claim was filed after a driver swerved to avoid a car and struck a pole, leading to a neck injury.
  • Multiple settlements were reached for cases of motor vehicle accidents that aggravated degenerative disc diseases in the lumbar region. In one case, the victim was a minor who also suffered a fractured tooth.
  • Policy limit settlements were obtained for a motor vehicle accident causing a cartilage tear in the wrist and another for a car-pedestrian accident where a pedestrian sustained a knee fracture in a parking lot.
  • Multiple cases involved accidents with pedestrians, including one where a client was struck while crossing a street intoxicated, resulting in multiple abrasions and contusions. In another case, an uninsured motorist claim was filed when a driver swerved to miss a car and hit a pole, causing a neck injury.
  • A series of car accident settlements included a shoulder and knee injury, a right elbow scar, cervical fractures, neck strains, and concussions. In several cases, policy limits were reached from under-insured motorist coverage, and additional policy limits were obtained from liability carriers.
  • In a unique case, a policy limits settlement was reached for an L5-S1 fusion surgery caused by a rear-end collision. The client did not have health insurance, and the medical treatment was performed on a lien basis, with the medical bills paid in full using the Missouri Lien Laws and only a small portion of the client’s proceeds.
  • Other car accident settlements covered conditions like knee and neck pain, cervical fusion, and aggravation of cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease. In some cases, the client had had prior back injuries that were exacerbated by the accident.
  • Several cases included settlements for injuries like whiplash, head laceration, elbow injuries, multiple contusions and concussions, and a left shoulder puncture wound.
St. Louis woman with neck injury after auto wreck
  • Cases where policy limits settlements were reached for a L5-S1 disc herniation and a L5-S1 fusion surgery resulting from a rear-end collision. In both instances, the clients did not have health insurance, and the medical treatments were performed on a lien basis, with the medical bills paid in full using the Missouri Lien Laws.
  • Car Accident – Wrist Fracture: The client was involved in a car accident resulting in a fractured wrist. The policy limits of uninsured motorist coverage were obtained to compensate the client for their injuries, including medical costs and pain and suffering.
  • Car Accident – Concussion: After a collision resulted in the client experiencing a concussion, the policy limits were pursued and awarded for their medical treatment, lost wages, and any long-term effects of their injury.
  • Car Accident – Head and Foot Injury: This case involved a motorist who was uninsured at the time of a car accident, resulting in head and foot injuries for our client. We successfully secured the policy limits for uninsured motorist coverage to help cover the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs of the client.
  • Car Accident – Cervical Disc Bulge: The client suffered a cervical disc bulge after a car accident. We secured the policy limits for uninsured motorist coverage, providing much-needed relief for the medical treatment and any necessary physical therapy.
  • Car Accident – Rotator Cuff Injury: After a car accident caused a rotator cuff injury to our client, we pursued and were awarded the policy limits to cover surgical costs, rehabilitation, and any lost wages during recovery.
  • Car Accident – Facial Lacerations: Our client suffered facial lacerations in a car accident. We obtained the policy limits to ensure the client could cover medical costs, including any necessary plastic surgery, and compensate for the emotional trauma of their injuries.
  • Car Accident – Aggravated Degenerative Disc Disease: A client with pre-existing degenerative disc disease suffered aggravated symptoms following a car accident. We secured the policy limits for their medical treatment and increased pain and suffering.
  • Car Accident – Ruptured Spleen: A car accident resulted in a ruptured spleen for our client. We obtained the policy limits to cover the emergency medical treatment, potential surgery, and any necessary follow-up care.
  • Car Accident – Neck Injury: After a car accident left our client with a neck injury, we secured the policy limits to cover the cost of their medical treatment, potential physical therapy, and compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Car Accident – Nasal Fracture: A car accident resulted in a nasal fracture for our client. We secured the policy limits for their medical and potential surgical costs, and for the pain and discomfort experienced.

In most cases, the initial offers from insurance companies were contested, leading to greater settlement amounts after litigation.