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Car Accident Injuries Sustained

If you have been the victim of a car accident, no matter the seriousness of your injuries, you may need the help of a Missouri car accident attorney.


The human body is susceptible to various injuries when involved in a car accident. The injuries depend on the circumstances and severity of the car accident and the impact. When you check car accident-related insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits you will find that there are certain injuries which happen more often than others.

Injury to the Head and Brain

The most common type of injury sustained by the driver or passengers in a car accident is on the head or brain. The brain is a delicate organ of the body and it tends to get shaken up inside the skull due to the impact of the car accident. The closed head injury can be a minor concussion or it could be a traumatic brain injury.

Injury to the Neck

The impact of a car accident often results in a whiplash effect on the neck. This may cause a strain on the neck or even more serious injury like a disc injury or cervical radiculopathy.

Injury to the Back

The impact of the accident may cause various injuries to the back. It could be a minor sprain and strain or it could be a serious injury like disc injury, fracture, lumbar radiculopathy, thoracic spine injury, or lumbar spine injury.

Injury to the Face

The driver’s or passenger’s face may be injured in various ways due to the impact of the accident. The injury can be caused by a shattered windshield or side window, dashboard, airbags, steering wheel, etc. The injuries can be minor bruises and scratches to fractures and lacerations and may include severe dental and jaw injuries.

Physiological Injuries

The injuries sustained in a car accident are not only physical but physiological as well. Car accidents which are extremely serious and involve severe injuries or loss of life can leave the survivors with emotional distress. This can be short-term or long-term and it may also lead to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

There is generally a relationship between the seriousness of the accident and the severity of the injuries sustained. However, there are occasions when survivors of serious accidents have walked away without any injury. Missouri car accident attorneys inform us that there are certain injuries whose symptoms appear sometime after the accident and which may cause long-lasting problems.

The human body’s defense mechanism produces endorphins (hormones with painkiller effect) when encountered with a car crash. Thus, the adrenaline rush caused by the accident does not let the body feel any injury or pain immediately after the accident. However, the injury may be quite serious, though not physically visible. Hence, an accident survivor should always seek immediate medical attention for visible and suspected injuries and a thorough medical examination for those that are not so obvious.

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Updated: January 18, 2023