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What You Should Know About Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents in St. Louis

According to the NHTSA, left-turn accidents rank among the most common motorcycle accidents, accounting for a whopping 36% of all motorcycle accident fatalities. 

Consider the following information if you have been involved in a left-turn motorcycle accident but are unsure if you’re eligible for compensation. 

st. louis motorcycle rider about to make a left hand turn

Who Is at Fault in a Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident? 

Making a safe left turn at an intersection is an important part of defensive driving. A driver is supposed to slow down, keep their eyes on the road and yield the right of the way. If a driver fails to heed these rules and causes a left turn motorcycle accident, they will generally be liable for their negligence. 

However, there may be exceptions where the motorcyclist could be partially responsible for the accident. These include: 

  • Speeding at a speed that does not give the other driver enough reflex time
  • Running a red light when another motorist is waiting at the intersection to turn left 

Caution: Never assume or admit you’re at fault. This can ruin your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Instead, work closely with a qualified St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney who can help you determine who is to blame for your left-turn accident, file an injury claim, and gather strong evidence to support your claim. 

Causes of Left Turn Accidents 

Drivers Not Seeing the Motorcycle 

Drivers are supposed to make sure the road is clear before making a left turn. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A driver who does not check their blind spot can make a dangerous left turn and hit a motorcycle while going through an intersection. 

Distracted Driving 

Driving is a demanding task. It requires total concentration and coordination. Texting or eating while driving is dangerous. It takes attention off the road and interferes with coordination. In fact, reading or sending a single text is more than enough to cause a debilitating left-turn accident.

Trying to Beat a Red Light 

A driver may be in a hurry and recklessly turn left to beat a red light. This may cause a collision with an unsuspecting motorcyclist entering the intersection. 


If a driver is not thinking of the possibility of an oncoming motorcycle, they may not check for one. This is usually the case when a driver is passing another car. They tend to focus too much on the vehicle they are overtaking and overlook the possibility of an oncoming motorcycle. 

Have You Been Injured in a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident?

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Updated: September 30, 2021