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Dangerous Intersections in Missouri – How to Avoid a Car Accident


missouri dangerous intersections

Many car accidents occur in road intersections and there are certain intersections which are more prone to accidents than the others.

Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous intersections in the state of Missouri.

  • Glenstone Avenue & Sunshine Street (Springfield)
  • Gravois & Lindbergh Boulevard (Sunset Hills)
  • Clarkson Road & Manchester Road (Ellisville)
  • 23rd Street & State Highway 291 (Independence)
  • Highway 94 & Jungermann Road (St. Peters)
  • Highway 141 & Big Bend (Twin Oaks)
  • Battlefield Road & National Avenue (Springfield)
  • Patterson Road & Lindbergh (Florissant)
  • Kansas Expressway & Sunshine Street (Springfield)
  • Highway K & Highway N (O’Fallon)

What Makes Intersections Dangerous

These intersections have been found especially dangerous after studying various factors which have been a cause of car accidents. One or more of the following features are found on the intersections which are deemed dangerous:

  • Roads are poorly lit or street lights are absent.
  • Visibility on the streets is low.
  • Traffic markings are ambiguous and placed at incorrect locations.
  • Streets with heavy traffic and lack of proper road signs and traffic lights.
  • Areas with heavy traffic during the day and especially during rush hour.
  • Roads with multiple potholes. Situation is worsened during inclement weather.
  • Roads with narrow lanes and merging traffic.
  • Two lane roads with high speed limits.

How to Avoid a Car Accident

A study is being carried out to reduce the causes of car crashes in dangerous intersections; however, all drivers can be vigilant and drive cautiously and safely to reduce the number of car accidents. Below are certain guidelines which you can follow to avoid a car accident.

• Drive cautiously and slowly so that your car’s speed is always below the prescribed speed limit.
• When you see a stop sign you should come to a full stop. The same should be done when you see a yellow or a red light.
• When starting on a green light, you should accelerate your car slowly and look both ways for oncoming traffic.
• Avoid distractions of all kinds while driving. Distractions include grabbing an item from the glove compartment, adjusting the radio knobs, or admiring the scenery.
• Do not use your cell phone while driving a car. Come to a full stop at a safe place when you have to take a phone call or adjust your navigation system.
• Stay alert when you are behind the wheel. If you are feeling drowsy or sleepy, take a break or ask your co-passenger to drive.

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Updated: August 9, 2018