Self-Driving Cars & St. Louis Car Accidents

Many people are still suspicious of the life-saving potential that self-driving cars have, pointing to the fatalities that involve this type of vehicle. Whether it is because of distracted driving, driving under the influence, road rage, substance abuse, drowsy driving, speeding or simply a bad decision at the wrong moment, most serious car accidents are … Read more

3 Dangerous Mind-Altering Substances That Cause Car Accidents

Hit by a Drowsy Driving Lawyer

Driving under the influence of these substances often results in severe car accidents. Intoxicated driving causes a significant amount of St. Louis car accidents. This intoxication is not solely caused by alcohol, though, as any substance that alters your perception and behavior affects driving ability. Of course, some are more dangerous than others. Additionally, some … Read more

The Dangers of Driving on Allergy Medication

Hit by a Drowsy Driving Lawyer

Driving while under the influence of allergy medication has nowhere near the stigma of driving drunk, but it can be just as dangerous. One of the most widespread campaigns in St. Louis and the entire United States is the push against drunk driving. Though it still takes place every day, there has definitely been a … Read more

Latest Research Findings on Teen DUI

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Many parents and teens are under the wrong impression that driving under the influence of marijuana is not dangerous. Liberty Mutual and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) commissioned ORC International to carry out a quantitative survey related to the driving behaviors and attitudes of the teens. The survey was done in April-May 2017. It involved … Read more