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The Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by a Car Wreck

With so many people on the road, accidents are bound to happen, and they can cause significant property and physical damage to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

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Millions of Americans rely on their cars to take them everywhere, and they have plenty of passengers with them too. With so many people on the road, car accidents are bound to happen, and they can cause significant property and physical damage to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Some of the most common types of injuries in a car crash are bone fractures, internal damage, TBI (traumatic brain injuries,) but also soft tissue injuries that may appear in milder crashes as well as catastrophic ones.

Let’s see what types of soft tissue injuries are the most common in a car wreck.

First of all, any soft tissue injury caused by a car accident is an acute one, meaning it was caused by sudden trauma.


When soft tissue is damaged, the tiny blood vessels in them bleed out. They may take weeks or several months to clear out and can leave you with long-term pain.


Blood or bleeding under the skin can cause bruising. They are visible and easy to demonstrate

Joint and Ligament Sprains

When ligaments are stretched or torn, joints become inflamed.

Damage to the Connective Tissue (Fascia)

Where talking here about low back pain, shin splints, frozen shoulder, etc. They can be classified into Grades 1, 2 and 3, depending on the severity of the injury.


Whiplash is one of the most common soft tissue injuries in a car wreck. It is caused by the sudden movement of the neck back-and-forth, which follows a violent impact. The neck will hurt for a few weeks after, but some people may get long-term complications from this.

Soft Tissue Injuries Are More Difficult to Prove

Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries are not easy to prove in a personal injury case. Medical imagery doesn’t have the means to clearly show soft tissue injuries, as they have the tendency to change particularities and even position. Also, quite often the place of the injury doesn’t coincide with the place of impact, which is another obstacle in proving certain connections. The best method of diagnosing soft tissue injuries is to go through an MRI scan, which is often quite expensive and may have false-positive results.

That being said, you don’t need to lose faith in case you got injured in a car accident. If you suffer from soft tissue injuries, keep records of all medical visits and recommendations and closely monitor your recovery. It may take a more complex argumentation, but certainly, you should be able to prove how the car accident left you with medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

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Updated: October 14, 2022