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Compensation for a Skull Fracture Resulting From a St. Louis Auto Accident

A fractured skull due to an auto accident is very often a serious injury. Skull fractures do vary in severity, and the settlement you may get depends on a lot of circumstances.

In this article, we will go through the factors that will influence your settlement, and what you should do to get fair compensation.

St. Louis man with open head injury

Types of Skull Fractures

Car accidents can cause a skull fracture by projecting you into the dashboard and other parts of the car, or launching loose items in your car as projectiles, by the sheer force of the impact. The speed of the cars involved, the angle of the impact, the safety level of your car, and other factors will determine how severe your skull fracture is.

Here are the main types of skull fractures that may result from a car accident:

Linear Skull Fracture

These are generally simple fractures that appear like a line on the bone. They don’t usually cause bone displacement or complications, but some cases might develop into infections, thrombosis, or hematoma.

Depressed Skull Fracture

A depressed skull fracture is an injury caused by blunt trauma from a hard object, which can be common in car accidents. It presents a high risk of complications like infection or increased pressure on the brain.

Basilar Skull Fracture

Some of the most severe skull injuries are basilar skull fractures. They usually occur during high impact accidents, or to more vulnerable victims like motorcycle riders. They are caused by trauma to the base of the skull, which often pairs them with neck and spine injuries. Unique symptoms of basilar skull fractures are bruises that appear in specific places: “raccoon eyes” (around the eyes) and “Battle sign” (behind the ears). 

Diastatic Skull Fracture

Typically occurring in children and infants, these skull fractures follow the sutures of the skull. In adults, diastatic fractures are caused by blunt trauma, and car accidents are one of the main causes.    

How to Get Compensation for a Skull Fracture

If your skull fracture is caused by a car accident, the insurance company will first establish liability before paying compensation. You will require various expert evaluations to correctly estimate the cost of your treatment and loss wage:

  • Medical examinations: never skip a doctor’s appointment and keep records of all the medical exams you have been to.
  • Police report: police should be called to any car accident that resulted in personal injury.
  • Expert witnesses: if needed, road traffic experts and other specialists can be hired to provide a special evaluation.

Speak With an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in St. Louis, MO

In order to get fair compensation for your skull fracture, it is important to discuss your claim with an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney, preferably, one who has handled cases involving skull fractures before. They will be able to gather the right evidence and guide you through the legal process.

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Updated: June 22, 2020