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6 Questions to Ask the Doctor After a Car Accident

When it comes to the medical side of the equation, some consequences might not be as apparent as you may expect.

Nobody can be fully prepared for a car accident. Even mild ones can end up costing a lot in terms of medical bills, lost wages, or even just the emotional distress such a traumatic event can cause.

However, when it comes to the medical side of the equation, some consequences might not be as apparent as you may expect. In fact, a lot of serious injuries (such as head trauma) may not even show any signs until days, or more time has passed from the accident. This can affect your health greatly, and complicate matters in an auto injury insurance claim.

So, if you’re the victim of a car accident, here are six questions you should ask your doctor:

speaking with doctor after car accident

1. What Are My Injuries, and How Will They Affect My Life?

You need to understand the full extent of your injuries, and what the potential consequences of them are. Doctors will usually explain all these things regardless, but you should still make it a point to ask and make sure you understand.

Plus, getting this information from your doctor may be vital for your personal injury case.

2. Will I Make a Full Recovery?

Sometimes, doctors don’t have a definite answer to this question, but even knowing if you need long-term treatment or not can help you prepare for the future.

3. Should I Expect Future Medical Issues Because of These Injuries?

The human body is like a big puzzle, and sometimes damage to one piece sets off a domino effect. It’s imperative to understand if this is the case for you, as any future medical expenses resulting from your present injury should be accounted for in the settlement.

4. Can I Still Work?

Talk to your doctor about your job, especially regarding its demands. This will help your doctor understand your job better and make an accurate recommendation about whether it’s safe to return to work or not.

Sometimes, you may only need to take a break until your injuries heal, while some cases can end up with the permanent loss of employment

5. What Caused My Injuries?

No, the answer isn’t always the car accident. Your doctor can help pinpoint exactly what resulted from the collision, what’s a pre-existing condition, and what was only made worse by the accident. Making this distinction is essential in a car accident claim.

6. Can I Have a Report of My Medical Condition?

To get compensated, you need a detailed record of your injuries and treatment. A no-fault doctor used to treating car accident victims is used to the process and can help you keep a record of everything you need, so remember to tell them you need these records for your claim.

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Updated: June 10, 2020