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Should I Return to Work After a Car Wreck?

A car accident can leave you seriously injured and unable to return to work for a specific period of time.


An important question facing an injured person is how much time he/she can take off work after a car wreck. There may be many factors involved in determining when you will return to work. In this article, we will try to answer some common questions that a car accident victim may have regarding going back to work after a car accident.

If I return to work, will it ruin my case?

Remember, your legal case is not over if you return to work. As a plaintiff, you have the duty to take reasonable steps to minimize your losses and going back to work in time is one way of doing it. If you start unreasonably missing time from work, you could possibly hurt your claim. When you return to work, you demonstrate your good work ethic and fulfill your duty to minimize losses. You can still claim the time you took off work in the past to recover from the injuries. If injuries have reduced your capacity to work, you may be able to claim future income loss.

Can I still claim accident benefits if I return to work?

You can still claim no-fault benefits if you return to work. You can claim medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Does returning to work mean that I am fully recovered?

If you return to work, it does not mean that you have fully recovered from your car accident injuries or that all your symptoms have disappeared. In many cases, people return to work out of financial necessity.

Does my doctor need to say that I cannot work?

In order for you to claim wage loss after a car accident, you must prove that there exists a medical basis for your inability to work after the car accident. You are not automatically entitled to wage loss compensation just because you were injured in an accident. Your treating doctor must recommend that you take time off work to recover from accident injuries.

Won’t my health suffer if I return to work?

In many cases, we have seen that the person actually starts feeling better after returning to work. If the injuries are such that they do not prevent you from performing your job-related duties, returning to work can actually reduce pain and discomfort. Moreover, it also eases the financial burden. However, returning to work against the doctor’s orders can actually jeopardize your case and have an adverse effect on your health and recovery.

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Updated: April 18, 2019