The Devastating Effects of Road Hazards on Motorcycles

Coming across sudden obstructions on a roadway is dangerous, but when it comes to trying to maneuver around them on a motorcycle, the result can be catastrophic. The design of a motorcycle gives it less contact with the road’s surface and therefore less traction, making it very easy for one to become unbalanced or to … Read more

Statistics Revealing Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Missouri

St. Louis auto accidents

During the last 10 years, 10% to 15% of deaths were caused by the accidents involving tractor trailers. By properly analyzing the statistics of accidents that involve big trucks, we can better understand the root cause of injuries and take steps to reduce the chances of a truck accident occurring. The major reason why big trucks … Read more

Missouri Drivers Can Show Digital Proof of Insurance

With increasing digitization people are becoming more comfortable storing information on their smart phones rather than in paper form. With this is mind Missouri State law now permits drivers to show digital proof of insurance when they get pulled over by law officials for not abiding by a traffic law. How to Get Digital Proof … Read more

Car Accident Related PTSD: Is The Treatment Compensable?


PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by a traumatic event. How people handle the stress of traumatic events varies greatly between individuals. While some people can recover and move on, others may be plagued by the fear and anxiety that the event created. That anxiety can manifest into a condition known as post-traumatic … Read more