ATV Accident Attorney

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that about 100,000 off-road vehicular accidents take place every year in the U.S. There are many adventure sport companies, resorts, and recreational one-day tours that offer families the opportunity to experience the thrill of off-road vehicles such as go-carts, golf carts, jet-skies, ATV’s, dune buggy’s, and snowmobiles. Many people find riding these … Read more

Rollover Accident & Van Accidents

2007 saw 45 fatalities due to passenger van rollovers – an alarming 73% increase from 2006. Passenger vans are commonly used for transporting children to and from school and private day care centers, senior citizens, and small group transportation. Many small organizations and businesses that use passenger vans claim that they are convenient, as opposed to hiring or … Read more

St. Louis Car Accident Injuries : Throat Pain

The delicate and important structures inside of the throat make such an injury a complicated one. The throat is an area which runs the risk of severe injuries because it is exposed. Blunt force trauma to the throat can cause secondary damage to the esophagus, spine, trachea, or brainstem. Causes of Throat Injuries Blunt force … Read more

Hemiplegia Motorcycle Accident St. Louis

The complete loss of sensation and the ability to move one side of the body is known as hemiplegia, while the partial loss of movement is referred to as hemiparesis. Head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents. Depending on the severity, head injuries can result in minor, temporary side effects or major, lifelong consequences. Our St. Louis motorcycle accident … Read more

60% Motorcycle Accident Injuries Were Under Licensing Age. 

Motorcyclists often invite their children to ride along and children may be eager to accept the invitation. A motorcycle accident can cause serious injuries to an adult, and if it involves a child, it can be deadly. No matter how experienced and cautious a motorcyclist is, a negligent motorist can lead to a crash causing injuries. Unlike passengers in … Read more