Accident Damage Claims – Tips for Motorcyclists

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When a motorcyclist gets involved in an automobile accident, there are unique challenges he/she has to face in filing an accident claim. In general, there is often a negative perception that motorcyclists are all reckless, which does not bear any relation to reality. When a motorcyclist gets involved in an auto accident, apart from proving … Read more

The Devastating Effects of Road Hazards on Motorcycles

Coming across sudden obstructions on a roadway is dangerous, but when it comes to trying to maneuver around them on a motorcycle, the result can be catastrophic. The design of a motorcycle gives it less contact with the road’s surface and therefore less traction, making it very easy for one to become unbalanced or to … Read more

Catastrophic Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles makeup about 3% of all vehicles registered in the United States and yet they are involved in at least 11% of all roadway accidents. The design of a motorcycle places them at higher risk for an accident and its driver at higher risk to suffer from serious, life-threatening injuries, possibly even death. Medical costs … Read more

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents With Education

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Being educated about motorcycle safety is important for riders and passengers. Normal precautions are always important when riding a motorcycle. These include following the rules of the road, and always wearing a helmet. Though they give you an added sense of freedom, most motorcyclists know that motorcycles also come with the added responsibility of being … Read more

Recent Missouri Accident Caused by Speeding and Drunk Driving

There have been several recent Missouri crashes that have resulted in fatalities or injuries to drivers and motorcyclists. Drivers of passenger vehicles are less likely to be injured in an accident with a motorcycle because they are more protected by their vehicles. Helmets are the only protection motorcyclists have between them and the road. Some recent … Read more