Truck Rear-Ends Motorcycle, Causes Serious Injuries to Missouri Couple

Head on collisions can be disastrous or fatal, but rear end crashes also have the potential to cause devastating injuries or even death. We think of head on collisions as being more serious because of speed and the location of the drivers, while rear end collisions oftentimes call to mind neck strain or whiplash injuries. … Read more

Wet Roads and the Potential for Serious Car Accidents

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Seasonal weather calls for Missouri drivers to modify their driving to accommodate current road conditions. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has reported that a Perry teenager was injured in a single vehicle accident on Thursday, October 3, at 2:58 p.m. The accident happened on Mo. 19, just one mile east of Center, Missouri. According to … Read more

Two Killed, One Severely Injured in Recent Missouri Accidents

In Stone County, Missouri, a car accident Thursday, October 2, killed two people.  The accident happened on Highway 39, about two miles north of Carr Lane, the Missouri State Highway Patrol report. A 2001 Dodge Durango was traveling southbound on Highway 39 when suddenly it crossed over the center lane and then slammed into a … Read more

Legislators Overturn Governor Nixon’s Veto of House Bill 339

Missouri Governor Nixon vetoed a bill that would significantly affect car accident victims. However, the veto was overturned by the legislature on September 11, 2013. The impacts of House Bill 339 could be potentially very devastating for Missouri accident victims. Bill 339 eliminates the ability of uninsured drivers to pursue non-economic damages from insured drivers. There … Read more

Missouri State Swimmer Dies in Single-Vehicle Accident

Jordynn Brown, a former Missouri state swimmer, and a member of the class of 2013, died in a car crash on Wednesday, September 18. The single vehicle accident happened along Missouri highway 86. Brown was driving her 2004 Ford Focus on highway 86, but she lost control of her vehicle as she was taking a … Read more

Accidents in Late September Leave Three Motorists Injured

Several recent Missouri accidents have resulted in injuries for those involved. Two separate accidents that occurred last week left three individuals injured. A local woman riding a scooter was injured in a collision with a truck on Monday, September 23. Tammy Price was driving her scooter and she pulled directly into the path of a … Read more