Night Time Car Accident

nighttime car accident

Driving at night poses risks for drivers, especially teenage drivers and the elderly. Driving at night can be more challenging than driving during the day. Poor lighting, oncoming headlights, and fatigue make it difficult to see the road ahead. As a result, night-time accidents are fairly common. In fact, according to the NHTSA, nearly half … Read more

Backover Accidents

St. Louis woman backing car up

A study shows that every year, nearly 292 people die and 18,000 get injured in backover accidents. It is has been noticed that 30% of the backover accident victims are children below the age of 5 and adults above the age of 70. The reason for this may likely be that elderly individuals cannot move … Read more

Why Eating and Driving is Dangerous

distracted driving accident ijury lawyer

Every day, distracted driving kills more than nine people and injures another 1,060 individuals. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1 in 5 car accidents that resulted in injuries involved a distracted driver. In recent years, the primary focus associated with the problem of distracted driving been geared towards the habit of texting … Read more

Drugs Car Accident St. Louis

Mixing narcotics and driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk and often result in serious, even fatal, car accidents. Driving after taking any type of drug – prescription and/or recreational is always risky. While medical practitioners often warn patients about the effects of a drug prescribed and the hazards of driving while under … Read more