Secondary Car Crashes

secondary crash in St. Louis

Secondary crashes occur when an initial accident causes another car accident. Car accidents can leave you overwhelmed and shocked, especially if they involve multiple vehicles. For this reason, secondary crashes are particularly scary. It occurs when an initial accident causes another car accident. What are secondary crashes? A secondary crash usually occurs as a result … Read more

Car Accidents Involving Underinflated Tires

St. Louis man checking tire pressure

A study from the NHTSA shows that underinflated and worn out tires can increase the risk of a car crash significantly. For various reasons, hundreds of accidents occur on Missouri roads each day. While many accidents are caused due to the negligence of drivers, others are caused by vehicle defects, malfunctions, and other similar reasons. … Read more

Ulnar Nerve Impingement Injuries

ulnar nerve injuries

The ulnar nerve runs from the shoulder to the ulna bone or the forearm, and down into the hand. This nerve transmits signals between the brain and the hands and vice versa. The signals are responsible for feeling, sensation, and movement in the hand and forearm. Any injury to the ulnar nerve can disrupt these … Read more