Wrongful Death Claims Arising from Auto Accidents

woman sad after a death in the family

In the United States of America, a fatal car accident occurs every 12 minutes. This depicts the alarming state of affairs as far as road safety is concerned. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that in the US about 35,000 people get killed in car accidents every year. Moreover, there has been … Read more

How ADHD Medication Relates to Auto Accidents

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It appears that taking medication for ADHD can greatly increase concentration and reduce distraction levels. A recently published study has found that the rate of motor vehicle accidents involving people with ADHD is massively reduced when these people are taking medication for their ADHD. It was a huge study involving more than 2.3 million people. … Read more

Anxiety after Car Accident

St. Louis man with anxiety after car crash

If you feel you are not getting over the stress of a crash, you could be suffering from anxiety or panic attacks. Stress, depression and anxiety are a growing problem in our hectic modern world. A major, traumatic life event, such as being involved in a car accident, can lead to mental disorders such as … Read more

Street Racing Accidents

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Street racing is not only illegal, it is dangerous and often results in serious injuries and even death. High speed racing on our streets often pulls a big crowd. Sadly there are many accidents as well. It is most often younger drivers who participate in this so called ‘sport’. Drivers with lots of enthusiasm but … Read more

Car Accident Deposition

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A deposition is not a conversation – Claimants should keep in mind that depositions are a question and answer session only. They should not engage in conversations and have the right to clarify with their attorney before answering. If you’ve filed a claim for compensation following a car crash, it may go to court. If … Read more