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4 Signs You Should Speak with a St. Louis Car Crash Attorney


Though it is always a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney after a car accident, here are 4 signs you should definitely speak with an attorney.

Car accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, no matter how well you drive, you may be involved in an accident due to the negligence of another driver. These accidents range from minor bumps to fatal crashes, and they usually impact the lives of those involved, in one way or another. 

The main issues one has to deal with after being involved in a car accident are related to potential injuries, property damage, and legal matters. Many drivers will be involved in at least one accident during their lifetime. No matter how minor it seems, it will still catch most people off-guard, making them wonder what to do next and how to deal with the aftermath.

When it comes to dealing with the legal part of a car accident, a lot of people are reluctant to speak with a lawyer. They might think that they can’t afford one, or they might not consider the accident serious enough to pursue legal help.

Though we feel it is always a good idea to at least speak with an experienced attorney after a car accident (most offer free case evaluations), here are 4 signs you should definitely speak with an attorney.

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You Have Suffered Personal Injury

If the car accident has caused you injuries, it’s very important to start gathering medical evidence as soon as possible. Many injuries can have delayed symptoms, which won’t be covered by an insurance company if you have already signed a release form.

An attorney will not only give you advice on how realistic a settlement is but will also be able to recommend doctors who can provide relevant evidence for your case or even expert witnesses.

The Insurance Company Refuses Your Claim

Not all claims that insurance companies get are legitimate. However, don’t think that a denial means there’s nothing more you can do. You would be surprised to find that most insurance companies will first deny your claim or offer a much lower settlement than you would be entitled to.

Your Settlement Offer Is Unrealistically Low

As mentioned, settlements coming from insurance companies are not always objective and fair. You might tell right away that your settlement is too low, or you might not realize that you would get a higher settlement if you insisted more. This is why having an experienced car accident attorney to represent you is the best idea. 

It’s Not So Clear Who Is At Fault for the Accident

Not all accidents are clear when it comes to facts. Whether it’s the lack of eye-witnesses, or witnesses with distorted memories, lack of hard evidence or a complex case that cannot be solved easily, determining liability sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. 

An experienced St. Louis car accident attorney knows what kind of evidence will weigh more in a negotiation or in front of the court. They will put their best effort into your case because your success will be their success.

To conclude, your best decision is to focus on recovering from your accident and allow an experienced attorney to focus on protecting your legal rights after an accident.

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Updated: June 22, 2020