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6 Hazards Drivers Should Watch out for This Halloween


Here are 6 hazards to watch out for this Halloween season.

It is now October in St. Louis, and that means Halloween will be here soon. While many love this holiday for the costumes, candy, and parties, there is a more sinister side to it. That is the breakdown in road safety that occurs due to erratic behavior and drunk driving. Here are 6 hazards to watch out for this Halloween season. Understanding these dangers is worth your attention. By avoiding them you will keep yourself and other safe this Halloween.

Children Running Through Intersections

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year for children, and it’s no mystery why. They get to put on fun costumes, hang out with their friends, and collect free candy all night. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, these kids often become too energetic, to the point of being reckless. The result is often children sprinting through crosswalks and taking drivers by surprise.


Similarly, you should also watch out for children jaywalking. An exciting night like Halloween makes kids take risks they otherwise wouldn’t. Additionally, the presence of so many pedestrians often empowers them to walk the streets without regard. To avoid this trap, keep your speed as low and possible so you can stop quickly when you need to.

Dark Costumes

The last pedestrian related issue you should watch out for are dark costumes. Many people will dress up as witches, cats, and other outfits that incorporate black clothing. The result will be pedestrians that are incredibly hard to see. The best way to stay safe is slowing down and turning your headlights on.

Frequent Stops

Pedestrians aren’t the only hazards that you need to worry about. Pay attention to other vehicles too. One situation in which this is true is cars that stop and start frequently. Parents often drive alongside their children or pick them up at random spots, both of which will cause them to stop suddenly.

Phone Use

Another behavior that complicates matters is phone use. Parents frequently text and talk when driving the streets on Halloween because they need to communicate with their children. Unfortunately, doing so puts everyone at risk. What you can do about this is not use your phone and be wary of erratic drivers that might be using theirs.

Drunk Drivers

Halloween isn’t all about candy for older children and adults. Instead, they like to go to parties and drink alcohol. If they drive afterward, they are a hazard to you and the rest of the drivers on the road. The best way to bypass them is to watch out for unsafe driving and get separation when you see it.

Though Halloween should be a fun, carefree holiday, you might not want to relax too much. You still need to take care of yourself in dangerous areas, whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian. Doing so will likely lead to something that makes everyone happy: A safe Halloween. Still, if anything goes wrong, it is best to speak with a St. Louis car accident lawyer about your legal options.

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Updated: October 16, 2018