Loss of Sense of Smell Head Injury

If you have been in a car accident, and you have had a head injury, you may realize that you have lost your sense of smell.

A car accident is a traumatic event and can leave you in a state of shock. If you are suffering from a loss of smell after the crash, it could be a result of a serious traumatic brain injury, and you should consult a doctor immediately. It is possible that you might have suffered traumatic anosmia or loss of ability to sense odor. This condition could be permanent.

Anosmia is not only an inconvenience but a safety hazard as well, because you may not be able to smell smoke in case of a fire or you may fail to smell a harmful gas discharge if you work in an industrial workplace.

How does one suffer the loss of smell after a crash related head injury?

An impact between two vehicles can cause the driver or passenger of the vehicle to jerk forward violently, and this can result in a frontal cranial injury. This happens because the forward momentum often results in a person hitting their forehead. In a crash, when a vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the drivers and passengers are still traveling the speed of the vehicle at that moment, and this impact between the vehicle and the occupants can be very dangerous. Cranial frontal injuries often lead to loss of smell.

The loss of ability to smell can have a profound effect on the case for a settlement. A brain injury is severe, and loss of smell can alter the victim’s quality of life. Those who have lost their ability to smell have a poor quality of life compared to what they had prior to the accident. Victims often develop complications such as anxiety, loss of appetite, depression and a permanent loss of ability to identify safety hazards.

Loss of smell can be a permanent disability, so it is important to seek a specialist in the field of olfactory dysfunction. It is also a good idea to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney, who can ensure that all your losses are paid by those who are liable.

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If your disability is permanent, you will likely be entitled to a higher settlement amount. Remember, all our senses play a vital role in our life. If you have lost any of your senses after a car accident, you should take appropriate steps to make sure that you receive the best treatment and representation to ensure that your interests and legal rights are protected.

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