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Are You Having Problems with the Insurance Company?

After a car accident, you may need a rental car for transportation while waiting for your damaged car to be repaired or replaced.

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The rental vehicle provided by the insurer should be comparable to the vehicle damaged in the accident. However, getting a rental car from the insurance company may be difficult. Here are several possible options if the insurer has denied you a rental car.

Use Your Own Rental Coverage Insurance

If the other party’s insurance company fails to make a decision in time, you may find yourself in a problematic situation. Check your own insurance policy and see if you have rental coverage. If you have coverage, your insurer will pay for the rental vehicle while your car is being repaired or replaced. Your insurance company would in turn recover this amount from the insurance company of the party at fault.

The Insurance Company Fails to Make a Decision

The biggest problem that you may face is that the insurer of the other party may deny responsibility or delays the decision during the period when you need the rental car the most. The insurer of the party at fault is responsible for paying for the rental car, and if they deny it today, but are found liable at a later stage, they will have to reimburse the amount you have spent on the rental car. You may need a St. Louis auto accident attorney to negotiate with the insurance company to pay for a rental car.

How Long Can You Use the Rental Car?

In Missouri, you can use a rental car for the time period when your damaged car is being repaired. Remember that each insurance company will have a different policy on rental cars, so you must communicate with them clearly and document all communications properly. If you have suffered personal injury or vehicle damage in a car accident, you may wish to consult a St. Louis car accident lawyer to protect your legal rights and help you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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Updated: January 27, 2015