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Electric Car Accident


While electric vehicles offer many advantages, there are also some potential safety hazards.

St. Louis electric vehicle accident

Electric vehicles are becoming very popular. There are nearly thirty different models in the market and thousands of vehicles have been sold. They are in great demand because they help to promote green energy and save on fuel costs.

Dangerous Nature of the Lithium-Ion Battery

As we make the transition from gasoline cars to electric cars we definitely need to consider safety. Lithium-ion batteries are prone to catch fire and explode occasionally. These batteries have a very high energy density. The amount of energy is quite large compared to the size of the battery. Due to this, they may act as an explosive under adverse circumstances.

The battery pack in an electric car typically consists of 7,000 cells. All of these are present under a single hood of a car. You can imagine the amount of energy they possess and how destructive they can be if they are not handled properly.

It is necessary to keep the batteries cool. There is a greater chance of an explosion when batteries are heated up. The electrolyte should be prevented from catching fire and if it does catch fire it should be stopped from spreading.

Electric cars are at a greater risk of catching fire and exploding in a collision. They use high voltage electricity which poses a danger of electric shock and fire in a car crash.

Dangers After a Collision

The batteries in electric cars can become more dangerous after a collision. The first responders in an electric car crash may be at greater risk. They may suffer electrocution. The tow operators may receive an electric shock if the damaged systems are not disengaged immediately after a collision.

So the emergency responders should be informed that the vehicle is electric. As a safety measure, even after a crash, the vehicle should be treated as if it is fully powered.

A vehicle which has been involved in a collision and has not been repaired may pose further risks. The damage to the electric vehicle’s high voltage system may cause a delayed release of flammable gases or toxic fumes. Severely damaged electric vehicles should not be kept inside a building. They should be kept at a distance of 50 feet from any combustible material. If there are any sparks, smoke leaking fluids coming out from the battery should be reported to an authorized service provider.

Silent Operation May Be a Safety Concern

Another safety concern related to electric vehicles is their silent operation. In busy areas where there is a lot of traffic, the pedestrians may not be aware of the silently approaching electric vehicles. This may cause fatal accidents.

It is important to keep electric vehicles in good shape. Regular maintenance tasks should be taken up to take care of their electric motors and batteries. This should be done by qualified persons to prevent electric shocks and injuries.

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Updated: April 25, 2024