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MODOT Tries New Safety Experiment Intended To Reduce Accidents


According to the The Missouri Department of Transportation, there are about 150 fender bender vehicle accidents each month between Interstate 70 and Interstate 270. In order to curb the number of these accidents, the Department of Transportation is trying a new experiment.

They are adding a new component to the overhead electronic message sign system at various intervals along Interstate 70 between St. Charles County and downtown St. Louis, which displays recommended speeds. The hope is that these dynamic signs, which will display average speed information, will alleviate some of the stresses involved with drivers’ daily commutes, and make the roadways safer for drivers and reduce the number of auto accidents.

One of the difficulties of driving along these roads is when a road condition changes and you must slow down, merge, or otherwise adjust the way you drive, and other drivers may not be doing the same. Many accidents are caused when one vehicle slows, other vehicles following behind do not, and an accident occurs. Predicting the actions of other drivers can be impossible, especially because so many drivers are operating their vehicles with a significant amount of distractions in their vehicles, causing them to pay less attention to the road.

These signs will help drivers to  modify their behavior in order to drive safely. The automatic signs display accident information, travel times, and will also suggest speed adjustments that drivers should take into account. Sensors will recognize when other drivers are driving at speeds under the posted speed limit, and then display that information, so that drivers can adjust their own speed accordingly. The posted speed is not to be considered a new speed limit, however, just a recommended speed that takes into account the driving speed of other vehicles.

This new tool will hopefully minimize the amount of rear end crashes that happen on I-70 and even aid in reducing travel time and helping drivers to plan their routes. These signs would be the first in the country to add the average driving speed to the overhead signs and the Missouri Department of Transportation is hoping that this experiment will reduce the number of crashes and fender benders happening on the highway.

If the experiment goes well and the trial period proves to be successful, the signs will then be extended to highway 270.

Encouraging drivers to pay closer attention, avoid distraction, and slow down, is always important. This is one more tool that will encourage safe driving and will help drivers to avoid accidents, and it seems like a positive addition.

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Updated: August 18, 2016