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Overcoming Bias in St. Louis Motorcycle vs. Car Accident Accident Claims

Here are common motorcycle biases that could ruin your chances of getting a fair accident settlement and what you can do to overcome them.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle crash? The good news is you can file an accident claim and seek compensation. Unfortunately, your claim could be hurt by the biases that most people—including law enforcement officers, insurance adjusters, juries, witnesses, and even judges — harbor against motorcyclists. Below are common motorcycle biases that could ruin your chances of getting a fair accident settlement and what you can do to overcome them.

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Common Misconceptions About Motorcyclists

Bikers Are Always Fast

A person who encounters a speeding motorcyclist on the road may assume all motorcycles are fast. This is not true. The truth is many motorcycle accidents happen at low speeds, and many motorcyclists drive the speed limit.

Motorcyclists Are Lawless 

Most movies portray bikers as lawless, violent, and arrogant people. Because of this perception, the jury or police officer could automatically assume you were to blame for the accident and the resulting injuries. Confirmation bias may also cause people to only focus on the evidence that supports their bias or assumption and ignore evidence that supports your claim. 

Motorcyclists Are Loud and a Nuisance

Owing to the increase of visibility collisions or “Sorry, I didn’t see you” motorcycle accidents, more and more motorcycle riders have installed loud exhausts to make their presence known while on the road. Unfortunately, when people hear loud noises on the road, they generally assume the worst. The loud noise from your bike can make people develop a negative emotional response towards you, making it hard to convince them the accident was not your fault.   

Motorcycles Are Inherently Dangerous

Given that bike riders often suffer horrific and deadly injuries in a crash, this has led to the belief that motorcycles are a danger to themselves and others. Unfortunately, this bias can make people side with the negligent driver. 

Motorcycles Are Difficult to See 

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, but they are not invisible. Every driver has a responsibility to share the road with other road users. As a motorcyclist, ensure you use your headlamp and stay out of other driver’s blind spots to avoid visibility collisions. They should also watch their blind spots frequently before making any lane change.

What Can You Do About These Misconceptions?

Motorcycle biases are usually widespread and easy to believe. So there’s a chance the adjuster, police officer, or the judge that will handle your case may have already adopted these misconceptions. Therefore, your best chance of protecting your right and recovering your damages is to speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer so they can help you gather evidence to prove your case.

Speak With an Experienced St. Louis Injury Attorney

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Updated: August 30, 2021