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Should I Report the Accident to Uber If It Was Only Minor and I Am Feeling Fine?

Not reporting an Uber accident because it was minor and you feel fine is not a good idea.

It is important to note that feeling fine isn’t the same as being fine. In some cases, yes, you may be involved in a minor Uber accident and go away perfectly healthy. However, what a lot of drivers or passengers don’t realize is that they could feel fine and still have some injuries to deal with.

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Why You Should Always Report Your Car Accident

Car accidents are one of those moments in life that trigger the release of adrenaline, which has the common effect of making your heart race. But adrenaline can also alter how you perceive pain at the moment, meaning it can actually dull down any pain you may have.

It’s part of people’s fight or flight response. Adrenaline is released in moments of crisis so that you can escape a bad situation without pain standing in your way. These effects are temporary, and it’s very likely to start feeling pain a few hours after the Uber car accident, once the adrenaline levels return to normal.

Additionally, there are a lot of injuries that simply don’t present immediate symptoms, adrenaline, or no adrenaline. Whiplash, for example, may only start to have physical symptoms a few days after the crash.

Now, here’s why this is a problem: if you don’t report your “minor” Uber car accident, but later on, you discover that indeed you have some injuries, you already started the claim’s process on the wrong foot. It becomes that much harder to make your case since you don’t have that immediate proof the accident even took place. 

It’s not necessarily that you can’t prove your injuries are a result of the accident, but you may find it more difficult to do so and it typically involves a much longer process of back and forth between with the insurance companies involved.

It’s a Safety Issue

Reporting an accident to Uber that involved one of the drivers works towards making the entire service safer for everyone, passengers, other drivers, and even pedestrians. You may think the accident you’re involved in is minor, but what if that’s the third “minor” accident that day? Or, what if the driver gets involved in a much bigger collision later?

Telling Uber one of their drivers was involved in a car accident, however minor, helps the entire service become better, as you’ll be helping them identify the high-risk drivers and potentially even kick them off their service if needed.

Speak With a St. Louis Uber Accident Lawyer

Have you been involved in an Uber car accident? Even if it’s minor and you feel fine, it’s still worth seeing a doctor to make sure you’re really alright. Then, consider speaking with a St. Louis Uber car accident attorney who could help you protect your legal right to compensation.

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Updated: January 18, 2023