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Should You Report a Car Accident If There Was No Damage?

It is important to understand that although there might not be any obvious damage, there is always the likelihood that something could surface.

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You are going about your day and in a hurry, so you fail to look back while you are pulling out of your parking space. just as you are pulling out, another car across the way is doing the same. Although only in a stroll, you get out to access the damage and to make sure that no one, and nothing, was injured in the “fender bump”.

After getting out of the car and talking with the other driver, you both decide that there was no harm done and you both go your separate ways. Is that a good idea? Is it ever a good idea to be involved in a car accident, whether a major collision or a fender bender and not to report it?

The answer can be somewhat tricky. Before you decide to let it go and go on your way, it is important to understand that although there might not be any obvious damage, there is always the likelihood that something could surface. And, if you don’t report it, the damages or injuries will be on you.

Are you sure that no damage was done?

Before you decide that there was no damage done, make sure that you do a thorough inspection of both vehicles. There are times when small paint scratches can signal something larger or a little stiffness in the neck can lead to some long-term health consequences.

To decipher if you want to go without reporting the incident, it is always smart to get the information of the other driver and to consult with a St. Louis car accident attorney just in case. If you decide not to make a report and walk away, just remember that any resulting injuries will generally be your responsibility.

To make sure that there aren’t any damages lurking look for things like:

Leaks – even if it looks like no damage has been done there is the potential that you could have a leaky radiator, oil pan, or other fluids that signal damage. A small leak can lead to some substantial damage.

A diminished battery life – Sometimes when your car collides with another, it can jar the battery loose, which could lead to a short circuit which will likely diminish your car’s battery. Although usually this is nothing serious, it is still something to consider.

Computer diagnostic delay – Your car computer is a tricky instrument. If you are in a collision, it might take a while to surface. You might not see any internal damage until the system catches up, and, by that time, the accident will be over and the other driver long gone. If the engine light goes on, it is imperative to get a mechanic to look at your car before you assume nothing is wrong.

Alignment – If your bumper is hit by another automobile, it can throw off the alignment. Although not visible, it could compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Do You Really Need to Speak With an Attorney?

When you are in an accident, and you examine the car to find that no one, and nothing, has been hurt, it is usually in your best interest to exchange information with the other driver involved and speak with a car accident attorney to ensure all of your bases are covered, should any problems arise.

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Updated: October 14, 2022