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The Tragedy of Backover Accidents

Two children are killed every week from backover accidents – many times involving a parent or caregiver.

backover car accident

Highways and intersections are not the only places prone to car accidents. A large number of car accidents also occur in and around parking lots. Considering the high rate of parking lot accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a rule for all manufacturers to have backup cameras in all vehicles starting with the 2014 model year. However, manufacturers and lobbyists had some objections and the decision was delayed. It has now been decided that by 2018, all vehicles should have a rear view camera to prevent any backover accidents that may occur when the vehicle exits a parking lot or a private driveway.

Backover Accidents

Statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that backover accidents cause over 292 deaths every year. Backover accidents are also responsible for causing 18,000 injuries every year. About 44 percent of the victims are children under the age of 5 and a third of the victims are elderly above the age of 70 years. A large number of backover accidents that occur when a vehicle is exiting a driveway involve child injury and fatality.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, backover accidents are more likely to involve SUVs and pickup trucks than smaller vehicles such as passenger cars. In most driveway accidents, the victim is a close friend or family member of the owner.

The Most Innocent Victims

Kids and Cars reveals some very disturbing figures. Every week, about 50 children are backed over and report to the emergency room for treatment. Unfortunately, 2 children are killed in backover accidents every week. Another study conducted by Texas A&M University show that people above the age of 75 are more likely to become involved in a parking lot accident, compared to accidents on a roadway or highway.

The unfortunate truth of backover accidents is that many times the victim is an unsuspecting child or senior citizen. It is extremely important that drivers are extra cautious while backing out from a parking space or driveway. Make sure that there are no children playing around the area or senior citizens strolling in the area behind your car.

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Updated: August 9, 2018