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What to Do If Someone Hits Your Parked Car

You should not have to pay if someone hits your car and leaves the scene. Here are a few things you should do.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re in a restaurant having a wonderful meal with a friend. When you leave, you come back to your car and find it dented from a hit and run. Rather than panic or get angry, your best bet is following the guidelines below and seeing if you can find the person that did it. Of course, some hit and run accidents involve you being in the car and sustaining an injury.

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Call the Police

First, you’ll want to report the event to law enforcement. What this action will do is put your situation into the system as an official crime. Additionally, the police can help you collect evidence.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Next, you should inform your insurance provider. What is nice about being covered is that there is very little chance that you’ll have to pay for your repairs yourself. Instead, you’ll get support from your insurer.

Document the Damage

The first piece of evidence that you’ll gather is one that you create yourself. It is photos, which can be integral in getting insurance coverage and finding the perpetrator. When you complete this task, be sure to get pictures of your car from multiple angles and of the scene surrounding your vehicle.

Search For Additional Evidence

Though it might seem unlikely, those that hit parked cars and flee the scene are often caught. The best way to make that happen is through collecting physical evidence. There are three crucial pieces of proof that you might use.

  • Debris – Sometimes, drivers hit your car so hard that a piece of their vehicles drops off. That piece of debris occasionally has identifying information on it, which can help you track down the perpetrator.
  • Eyewitness – Another excellent form of evidence is eyewitnesses, who are often present at a hit and run. That person might be able to tell you and the police the make, model, color, and even license plate number of the criminal who ran off.
  • Security Cameras – If the hit and run took place outside of a store, there is a chance that there is security footage of what took place. You can find out if this is the case by asking to speak to a manager at nearby businesses. If they have the footage, you can use it to get a license plate number or some out identifying characteristic.

If someone hits your parked car and runs off, you likely won’t have to pay for the damage yourself. Instead, your insurance can cover it, and you might even be able to find the person who did it. Not every hit and run victim is so lucky to have not been in the vehicle at the time of the infraction, though. If you ever experience this crime while in your car and end up with an injury, calling a St. Louis car accident attorney is a smart move. To speak with an experienced attorney 24/7 call (314) 361-4242.

Updated: November 9, 2022