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4 Insurance Traps to Watch Out For After a St. Louis Car Accident


As a business, insurance companies want to lessen or eliminate costs related to car accident claims.

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When you get into a car accident where another party is at fault, you will likely enter into negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company. While these proceedings sometimes go smoothly, they often do not. The reason is that these companies occasionally act in unethical ways. This is caused by the fact that every claim paid out is an expense to them. As a business, they want to lessen or eliminate all costs. The result is insurers sometimes setting traps for those that make claims. One way to fight against this behavior is by speaking with a St. Louis car accident attorney, who will ensure your fair treatment. The other is educating yourself on these traps, so you don’t fall into them. You can do so by reading below.

Lack of Communication

When you make an insurance claim, your case generally doesn’t get the attention it needs. This is because the person handling it is often dealing with over one hundred claims at once. The result can be them not answering your emails or phone calls for weeks. What this does is discourage you and make you more likely to take an inadequate settlement offer. To avoid this, keep your resolve and don’t settle out of frustration.

Accidentally Admitting Guilt

One thing an insurance company will want from you is a recounting of the accident. That will include everything that happened leading up to, during, and after your crash. Sometimes, the agent will ask you a question in a way that coerces you to admit guilt. This is an unethical practice, but it is somewhat common. When you enter these talks with a company, pay attention to the way they word their questions, especially if you are in a recorded session. One of the best things you can do is speak with an experienced attorney before discussing the accident with any insurance companies.

Signing Unfavorable Documents

You should never sign anything without entirely understanding it first. The company you are negotiating with might talk about a favorable settlement offer, but then present you with a document that doesn’t reflect what they said. If you sign it, you will have a tough time getting out of the terms you agreed to. When it comes to legal documents, you should always have them reviewed by an attorney before signing.

Delaying Your Compensation

One tactic that an insurance company might use to bully you into a meager settlement is threatening a lengthy negotiation. The prospect of having your benefits delaying for months or years due to extended proceedings or a trip to court might scare you, causing you to take less than you deserve. You can avoid this by having a lawyer negotiate for you.

Though there are many traps associated with car accident cases, the most dangerous one is not hiring a lawyer. The reason is that an excellent St. Louis car accident attorney lessens your chances of falling prey to all of the other common mistakes people make. Having a lawyer at your side allows you to proceed through your case with confidence and get you the deal you deserve.

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Updated: August 28, 2018