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4 of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Accident

Car accidents are emotional situations, and understandably it is often difficult to act practically in the immediate aftermath.

In the moments after a car accident, you are likely not thinking about your legal case. Understandably, you are concerned about any potential injuries you or your loved ones might have suffered. You might be overwhelmed by the damage to your car. Undoubtedly, car accidents are emotional situations, and it is often difficult to act practically in the immediate aftermath.

If you have been personally injured in a car accident in St. Louis, you should consider consulting with an experienced car accident attorney. However, the moments before you even speak to a lawyer are often some of the most important for your future case. Here are the most common mistakes people make in the moments after their car accident and what you can do to avoid them.

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Not Filing a Police Report

Maybe the accident doesn’t seem that serious. It might appear to be just a slight fender bender. The other driver might brush it off and say that there’s no reason to call the police, that the two of you can handle it. This is generally a big mistake.

You should generally call the police after a car accident, no matter how minimal the damage appears to be. A police report can play an important role in any future personal injury claim, and without it, your case could suffer greatly. 

Admitting Fault

Drivers often admit fault after the accident without even knowing it. If you are apologetic to the other driver in any way, this can be construed as an admission of guilt. 

Often you might want to talk to the other driver about the car accident and tell them what went on in your head. Avoid saying things like, “I didn’t see you,” “you came out of nowhere,” or “I tried to avoid you.” Although it may sound harsh, your best option is probably to keep any conversation with the other driver to an absolute minimum.

Failing to Obtain Evidence

Although a police officer will investigate the crash and file a police report, it may be a good idea to obtain your own evidence if it is safe to do so. Here are some pieces of evidence that you can easily obtain that will help your future personal injury case:

  • Photos of the damage
  • Names and statements of witnesses
  • Other driver’s contact information
  • Other driver’s insurance information
  • The badge number of the police officer
  • A copy of the accident report

Retrieving any or all of these pieces of evidence will do your future damages case a great deal of good.

Waiting Too Long to Call a Lawyer

You do not want to put off calling a car accident lawyer. There is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, and you want to give your lawyer plenty of time to build you the strongest possible case and ensure you that you do not end up settling for less than you are entitled to.

If you are in a St. Louis car accident, do not delay speaking with an experienced lawyer. Call The Hoffman Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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Updated: November 9, 2022