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4 Signs a Driver Might Be Impaired – St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

To protect yourself and your family, it’s important to recognize these common signs that another motorist is impaired.

Sadly, one person dies every 52 minutes due to impaired driving accidents. With these startling statistics, you may likely find yourself the victim of an impaired motorist’s poor choices. To protect yourself from such drivers, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of impairment. Let’s go over the top signs that could indicate a motorist is impaired.

impaired driver in st. louis


If the car behind is persistently following you closely, it may indicate they are driving under the influence. An impaired motorist will often ride your bumper even if there is an empty lane they can take and leave you be.


This is one of the signs St Louis police will look for if they suspect a driver might be impaired. Intoxication hinders the ability to drive in a straight line.

Inconsistent Braking and Speeding

A sober driver will generally drive at a consistent speed and brake only when it is necessary. On the other hand, an impaired driver will press the speed and brake pedals inconsistently, causing uneven acceleration and deceleration.

Violation of Basic Traffic Laws

An impaired driver will often violate even the most obvious rules. For example, they might drive with their headlights off at night, drive on pavement meant for pedestrians or run a red light.

What To Do After an Accident

If you happen to be in an accident with a driver exhibiting any of these signs, you may be upset and tempted to take the law into your own hands by confronting the impaired driver. However, this could put you in more danger. For your safety and the safety of others, you should call the police.

Seek Legal Help

Car accidents cases can be complicated. The insurance company of the at-fault driver will do anything to blame you for the accident. It will generally be a challenge to face the insurance company alone.

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Updated: August 10, 2021