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4 Unique Driver Distractions St. Louis Uber and Lyft Drivers Face

Uber and Lyft drivers face unique distractions that could result in a serious St. Louis car accident.

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Being a ridesharing driver can be a rewarding and exciting job. However, it also has unique potential distractions that can lead to severe car accidents. This article will discuss the four most common and potentially dangerous distractions that ridesharing drivers face. 

Drunk Passengers

Drunk passengers are certainly one of the most common distractions that ridesharing drivers face, as many people use services like Uber and Lyft to get home safely after a night out. While these services have helped reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads, drunk passengers can pose an interesting distraction for ride-sharers.

Drunk passengers can place a significant demand on your attention as a rideshare driver and take it away from the road, which is dangerous because you’ll not focus on the road and may veer off the road or into other cars. Aside from being a distraction, intoxicated passengers may also be aggressive, leading to increased chances of road rage if they insult other drivers or cause trouble in any way.

Conversing With Passengers 

Another unique distraction ridesharing drivers face is chatty passengers. If drivers focus on chatting with passengers instead of paying attention to the road, they’re at risk of causing an accident. Even glances away from the road can increase the chances of an accident because it pulls focus away from being observant and alert. 

If you’re a ridesharing driver and find yourself in a situation where your passenger is distracting, politely explain that you must pay attention to the road.

Engaging With the App To Find Pick Passengers

Ridesharing drivers must constantly interact with the app throughout their shifts to get business. And even after picking up passengers, they need to consult the app for further directions. Keeping up with all these tasks while on the go is a huge distraction for drivers, leading to dangerous mistakes that could have serious consequences, such as accidents.

Highway Hypnosis 

Unfortunately, highway hypnosis is an all-too-common phenomenon experienced by ridesharing drivers. This condition occurs due to extended periods of long-distance driving or driving on overly familiar roads. Highway hypnosis can be dangerous as it involves moments where the driver may lose focus and drift out of their lane or miss a turn. 

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Updated: March 7, 2023