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5 Reasons Drag Racing Often Results in Car Accidents in St. Louis

Drag racing may seem like a fun, exciting activity to some. However, there are many dangers and reasons you should avoid engaging in it.

For some people, drag racing may seem like a fun and exciting activity. Although seemingly fun, drag racing can turn very ugly in a flash. Approximately 49 people per 1,000 illegal racers in the US are injured in drag racing accidents each year.

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You should never engage in drag racing regardless of how much of a “rush” you feel it gives you. Let’s explore some of the dangers of drag racing and why you should avoid it.

Excessive Speeding

Drag racing is a race between cars, meaning that driving at high speeds is generally inevitable. Speeding increases the chances of getting into an accident, often leading to life-altering injuries or even death. Extreme speed makes it harder for drivers to perform maneuvers to avoid obstacles and make the right turns. All this increases the probability of accidents dramatically. 

Ignoring Red Lights

Drivers can get caught up in the adrenaline rush of drag racing and completely ignore red lights. This is dangerous for the driver and other road users. In some instances, some drag racing accidents may even have pedestrian casualties.

Most accidents at intersections are a result of drivers ignoring red lights. The consequences are devastating, to say the least.

Dangerous Driving Conditions

Roads are particularly dangerous during rainy and snowing conditions. That’s because the water and snow on the road make it slippery, so drivers have to take utmost caution to drive safely.

Drag racing generally means ignoring these conditions and going full throttle on these slippery roads. Although drag racers often follow a straight course, there’s a chance that the tires might skid on the water while braking. It’s hard to control a vehicle while skidding, and drivers will likely crash.

Frustration and Anger

Anger and frustration are common with drivers on the losing side of drag races. Unfortunately, this anger can easily cloud their judgment, leading to highly reckless driving with zero safety considerations.

Driving While Drunk

Drag races aren’t always simply competitions where cars compete to reach the finish line. They’re, in many cases, full-blown parties with fans and revelers. At times, the drivers may indulge in some alcohol to gain the confidence to race. However, drunk driving, especially at high speeds, is hazardous and could lead to fatal accidents.

Racing cars in public streets is not only dangerous but also illegal. Therefore, drivers should steer clear of it at all costs.

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Updated: January 18, 2023