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Are You Being Watched After a Car Accident? Here’s How to Protect Your Claim

If you were recently in an auto accident and now you feel like you are being watched, it may not all be in your head.

Do you feel like you are being watched? It may not all be in your head. If you’ve been in a car crash recently and have filed a claim, the insurance company may be watching your every move closely. They do it to ensure that your injuries are as serious as you claim and that you are not trying to trick them.

private investigator taking pictures after car accident

The thing is, insurance companies have a variety of methods and tools at their disposal to watch your every move. They may install a camera at a fixed location, to monitor you. They can also keep an eye on your social media activity and look for any damaging comments or photos. They can even follow you.

While it may seem like they are violating your privacy, the truth is that this behavior is legal in Missouri. As long as the investigator isn’t trespassing private property, filming you in private areas or threatening you, then what they are doing is generally within the letter of the law.

That said, here’s how to protect yourself and minimize the impact of their footage.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Try to follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter. If they restricted you from lifting heavy things, make sure not to be seen carrying groceries. The bags may be light, but that’s an incriminating video that the insurance company can and will use against you.

Be Wary about Your Social Media Use

It’s incredibly easy these days for insurance adjusters to learn as much as possible about you. All the information they need is available at their fingertips on your social media profiles.

We are not saying that you need to stop using social media altogether. However, you should be careful about what you post or comment. Talking about how great a party you recently attended was or posting pictures of yourself being active won’t do your personal injury case much good.

Don’t Hesitate to Call 911

Sometimes, private investigators will go to extreme lengths to get the information they need. If an investigator is harassing you, has placed a GPS tracker on your car without your consent or is refusing to leave your property, then you should call the authorities. You should also get in touch with the police and your St. Louis car accident attorney if you suspect the investigator has tampered with your email or have used unscrupulous techniques to access your online accounts.

A Final Word: Speak With An Experienced Lawyer

If you suspect that you are being watched, the first thing that you need to do is contact your St. Louis car crash lawyer. If you have not already spoken with an attorney, it is a good idea to get in touch with one as soon as possible after a car accident. They will inform you about your rights and educate you on what you should do to reduce the chances of hurting your claim. 

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Updated: August 21, 2019