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Broken Bone in St. Louis Auto Accident

One of the most common types of injuries caused by a car accident are broken bones. Whether you break multiple bones or just one, or the broken bone is a major leg bone or a small finger bone, the outcome is pretty similar. These types of injuries affect your mobility and some require a long recovery.

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Treatment of a Bone Fracture

The treatment of a bone fracture depends on its severity. It might range from putting it into a cast, resting and taking anti-inflammatory medication to having extensive surgery, bone grafts or orthopedic devices.

Getting to the doctor as soon as possible after the accident is a must, as you may not notice certain injuries, due to the increased adrenaline level. Doctors can identify hidden injuries, like bone fissures and bone splinters, which need proper treatment to heal.

Following the immediate treatment (cast or surgery,) you will most probably also need physical therapy, which is meant to restore your muscle strength and joint elasticity through specific exercises. Doing these exercises can mean going to a physiotherapist for a certain number of sessions. It may also lead to additional expenses that you should include in your car accident claim.

Medication is also needed in the treatment of a bone fracture, whether we are talking about anti-inflammatory medicines or drugs that prevent blood clots in post-op recovery, and other more specialized substances. Patients that went through surgery will require extra care for their recovery as the risks of complications like infections or poor healing increase. 

Time Frame of Bone Fracture Recovery

The healing process of a bone fracture takes time and can cause pain and suffering. Often, patients need to stay at home, which brings a feeling of isolation, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, it keeps the patient from working, making him lose income. Bone fracture patients also have reduced mobility, which affects their daily life

It takes about five weeks for the bones to bond together and create new bone tissue. And, even when that happens, the tissue is extremely fragile and susceptible to injuries.

Car Accident Settlement for Broken Bone

It all depends on how you handle the case. Hiring a St. Louis car accident lawyer is the best decision you can make, as they will make sure the insurance company will not convince you to settle for a smaller compensation than the one you actually need. Insurance companies try to minimize their costs, so they might convince you that all they need to pay is the immediate treatment and the cast.

Make sure that your car accident settlement not only covers that but also your pain and suffering and the extensive treatment that you will go through for a long time after the accident. Your attorney and your doctors will work together to evaluate your recovery and assess what needs to be covered by your settlement. Don’t hesitate to fully collaborate with them in order to maximize the settlement amount you deserve.

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