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How to Claim Lost Wages After a Car Accident in St. Louis

To claim lost wages after a St. Louis car accident: Document injuries, inform your employer, calculate lost wages, gather proof, file a claim, and consult an experienced attorney.

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Car accidents can be traumatic, not just emotionally and physically, but also financially. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in St. Louis, you might have suffered injuries that kept you from working, resulting in lost wages. Fortunately, you have the legal right to claim compensation for these losses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process of claiming lost wages after a car accident in St. Louis.

1. Document Your Injuries and Medical Treatments: Immediately after the accident, seek medical attention. Even if you feel okay, certain injuries can show symptoms days or weeks later. Medical records serve as strong evidence linking your injuries to the accident.

2. Inform Your Employer: Tell your employer about the accident and the injuries sustained. This will keep you in good standing at work and provide documentation of the days you missed and the wages lost.

3. Calculate Your Lost Wages: Determine the total amount of money you’ve missed out on due to the accident. This includes:

  • Days of work missed.
  • Overtime or bonuses you would have earned.
  • Sick days or vacation days used because of the accident.

4. Gather Necessary Documentation: To claim your lost wages, you’ll generally need:

  • A letter from your employer detailing your regular wage, the hours you’ve missed, and any other lost compensation.
  • Pay stubs or wage statements to validate your usual earnings.
  • Medical documentation connecting your absence from work to your injuries from the car accident.

5. File a Claim with the At-fault Driver’s Insurance: In Missouri, the at-fault driver’s insurance company typically covers lost wages and other damages. Compile all your documentation and submit a claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

6. Consider Other Sources: If the at-fault driver’s insurance isn’t enough to cover your lost wages or if the driver is uninsured, you might need to:

7. Negotiate the Settlement: Insurance companies often aim to minimize payouts. Be prepared to negotiate. 

8. Seek Legal Counsel: The complexities of personal injury law make it vital to have a seasoned legal advocate in your corner. At The Hoffmann Law Firm, we have over 25 years of experience with thousands of cases under our belt and are dedicated to helping St. Louis residents claim their rightful compensation. And you don’t pay unless we get you compensation.

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Since every case has unique circumstances and details, discussing your case specifics with a seasoned attorney is paramount. General advice or steps might not apply to your situation, but a specialized attorney can guide you based on your individual needs.

Recovering lost wages after a car accident in St. Louis requires meticulous documentation and a clear understanding of the law. While you can initiate the process on your own, having a seasoned legal team like The Hoffmann Law Firm can significantly enhance your chances of a successful claim.If you’ve lost wages due to a car accident in St. Louis and are unsure of your next steps, don’t wait. Reach out and discuss the specifics of your case with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm.

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Updated: August 28, 2023