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Do I Need a Lawyer?

Studies have shown that injured people who hire an attorney to handle their serious injury claim walk away with more compensation than those who do not hire a lawyer, even after the attorney’s fees are paid.

Attention: Before you speak with any insurance company, contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. to discuss your case. Prevent the insurance company from obtaining your recorded statement and using it against you. Adjusters are trained to make you give a statement that is detrimental to your claim. The recorded statement is the insurance company’s #1 priority.

Even though you pay them a monthly premium , insurance companies do not represent you . They represent shareholders, and their job is to make a profit by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible. That is why they have claims adjusters and a host of investigators and lawyers on staff. The role of each of these people is to ensure that the insurance company does not pay one penny more than is necessary — and far less if they can get away with it.

Attorneys can do several things for accident victims:

  1. Your insurance company will try to settle your case for the lowest possible amount. An experienced attorney understands the true value of your injury claim and can advise you on whether to settle or whether to fight for all the compensation you deserve.
  2. The insurance company will try to settle your case early, before all of your expenses are known. An experienced personal injury attorney, like Christopher Hoffmann, understands that serious injuries can have consequences long after the initial accident. A lawyer who works for you — and you alone — will advise you not to settle too soon.
  3. The insurance company has its own lawyers working to limit your financial recovery and even to find loopholes so they do not need to pay you at all. Your attorney is your own legal advocate dedicated to protecting your interests. Having your own lawyer levels the playing field. Even attorneys who do not practice personal injury law usually retain a skilled personal injury attorney to represent them or their family members if they are injured.

Learn more about why hiring The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. is a smart move. To discuss your accident claim with an experienced attorney who is dedicated to car accident cases, please call us at (314) 361-4242 or fill out our contact form. Your consultation is free, but our service is invaluable.