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Establishing Liability in 3 Common Car Accident Scenarios

Sometimes it may be difficult to decide who is responsible for a car accident.

Car accidents can take place in various circumstances. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide who is responsible for the accident. Consequently, getting a personal injury settlement may prove to be challenging. It is usually in your best interest to seek help from a St. Louis car accident lawyer to prove your case. The following is a discussion of how liability can be established in 3 common car accident scenarios.

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When a Vehicle Is Rear-Ended

Liability in rear-ended car accidents is often very clear. The driver who does not stop his car at a safe distance near a traffic light signal and hits your car from behind is usually responsible for the accident. This can generally be proven with the help of the pictures taken by the traffic cameras or witnesses who were present at the time of the accident.

The same rule applies to you if you hit someone else’s car from behind. You will likely be considered responsible for the accident even if the driver in front of you applied his brakes suddenly. You may be considered at fault because you were driving too close to the other car.

The situation may be complicated if a third car is involved in the accident. Ultimately, the person who was driving erratically is considered to be at fault. The person who did not watch the road, was driving too close to the vehicle in front of it, was speeding, and did not apply the brakes in time is generally blamed.

When the Car Makes a Left Turn

Car accidents often occur when the car makes a left turn. If the accident occurs when a driver does not follow the traffic light signal to make a left turn he is considered at fault because he has disobeyed the traffic rules. Similarly, if a driver does not pay attention to delayed traffic signals he is blamed for the accident.

If the accident does not take place at an intersection but at some other location, one or more drivers may be held responsible. A driver who turns left at a time when the oncoming traffic is very close may be considered at fault. Another driver may be partially responsible for the accident if they were distracted while driving, speeding, driving in a reckless manner, or failed to apply the brakes in time.

Accidents Involving Cell Phone Use

If an accident occurs when a driver is sending texts or are in any way distracted by their cell phone they may be considered to be liable for the accident. A driver can be held liable for driving the car with just one hand, not watching the road while looking for their phone, or being distracted by social media.

Sometimes third parties are also considered to be partially responsible for the car accidents which occur due to the use of cell phones.

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Updated: October 14, 2022