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Backover Accidents

A study shows that every year, nearly 292 people die and 18,000 get injured in backover accidents.

It is has been noticed that 30% of the backover accident victims are children below the age of 5 and adults above the age of 70.

The reason for this may likely be that elderly individuals cannot move away quickly when they see a reversing vehicle and the toddlers are not aware of the dangers of playing near a vehicle. Besides this, the driver may not be able to see the small children standing behind their automobile.

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Common Causes of Backover Auto Accidents

The drivers of vehicles cannot see objects which are right behind their automobile or are too low. These areas are out of the driver’s view because of the vehicle’s design and are known as blind spots. Usually, pick-up trucks and SUVs have a greater risk of backover accidents than cars because they have bigger blind spots.

Sometimes backover accidents occur when a vehicle strikes another vehicle. However, while these accidents cause property damage and create an inconvenience, they do usually do not cause severe personal injury as both vehicles are often moving at a slow speed.

Backing collisions generally take place when:

  • The driver gets a distorted view in the mirrors and cameras.
  • The driver’s view is blocked by some signs or landscapes.
  • The cameras and mirrors do not cover the entire area.
  • The person sitting behind the steering does not make sure that the area at the back is clear before moving backward.
  • The mirrors are not adjusted properly.
  • Blind spots obscure the driver’s view. The average blind spot for a sedan is 12 feet, a minivan is 13 feet, an SUV is 14 feet, and for a pickup truck, it is 30 feet. Blind spots may be bigger for short drivers.
  • The backing area is not seen because of a trailer.
  • The bystanders and traffic distract the driver.
  • There is low visibility.

Some Preventive Measures

Backover accidents can take place in driveways, roadways, loading docks and even in parking lots. The cameras and parking sensors can help to a certain extent but they cannot provide a solution for all the problems. First of all, the cameras can be helpful only if the driver consults them. Secondly, they can become dirty, or be out of focus. Finally, they are dependent on the lighting conditions and the weather.

Efforts are being made to introduce rear-view visibility systems in the all new vehicles. However, instead of depending too much on technology the best way to avoid backover accidents is to get out of the vehicle and make sure there is no one behind it. Then back up slowly and continue checking in the rearview and side mirrors. Last but not least, a driver should never reverse his vehicle when the mirrors or the rear window is covered with snow or anything else which may obstruct his view.

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Updated: January 30, 2019