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How Do Car Accident Attorneys Preserve Witness Testimony During an Injury Case?

Let’s consider the importance of witness testimony and how car accident attorneys can preserve it during an injury case.

Following an auto accident, it’s common for witnesses to share their testimony with police officers or insurance companies on what they saw before, during, or after the accident. However, their testimony may not be preserved or could be lost in a short amount of time. This article discusses the importance of witness testimony and how St. Louis car accident attorneys can preserve it during an injury case.

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Types of Witnesses and Their Importance in an Injury Case

There are generally two types of witnesses in an auto accident: lay and expert witnesses.

Lay Witness Testimony

A lay witness has first-hand knowledge about the incident or event because they were there when it happened. They may have seen something before, during, or after the accident that can be useful to an injury case.

Some common examples of lay witness testimony include:

  • What the driver saw leading up to the crash
  • The sequence of events immediately before, during, and after the accident
  • How the victim was behaving or appeared just after the crash
  • Details about damage to vehicles or objects at the scene

Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness has knowledge, skill, experience, or training in a particular area and can offer their opinion about the accident based on that information.

Some common examples of expert testimony include:

  • How the accident happened based on an analysis of the physical evidence
  • The victim’s injuries and how they affect the victim’s day-to-day life

Testimonies from these witnesses are important as they can help prove what happened during the accident, explain how it occurred, and provide information on who was responsible.

Additionally, having recorded or written statements from witnesses is beneficial if they are unavailable to testify in court.

However, even the most reliable witnesses can forget important details over time. Therefore, it’s crucial to preserve their testimonies while they can still recall specific events that happened during the accident. This will prevent inconsistencies from occurring.

How Can an Attorney Preserve Witness Testimony?

Your attorney will likely take immediate steps to preserve witness testimony before it disappears and can no longer be used in your case.

There are several ways an attorney can preserve witness testimony, including:

  • Requesting a statement in writing from the witness
  • Having the witness appear in court or before a grand jury
  • Recording the witness’s testimony
  • Obtaining sworn statements from the witness

Each of these techniques requires immediate action. Unfortunately, missing just one day can mean losing vital information from a key witness in some cases. This could, in turn, affect how much compensation you receive for your accident claim.

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Updated: February 14, 2022