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How to Deal with an Insurance Company When Making a Car Accident Claim

If you don’t know how to deal with them and aren’t aware of their tactics, you can find yourself getting less than you deserve.

Many people make a huge mistake when dealing with an insurance company, in assuming that the insurance company’s responsibility is to make sure that the injured person is fairly and wholly compensated. An auto insurance company is a company like any other, and their number-one priority is to limit its responsibility and save their bottom line. If you don’t know how to deal with them and aren’t aware of their tactics, you can find yourself with less than you deserve – or even denied altogether.

After your St. Louis car accident, the best way to ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to is to consult a St. Louis car accident attorney before you talk with an insurance company, and definitely before you take any car accident settlement. That is the only way to know that you are getting a fair settlement.

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When making a car accident claim with an insurance company, keep the following in mind:

Record Everything

You better believe that everything that you say can and will be used against you if need be. The insurance company will probably inform you that everything is being recorded when you talk. But it is best that you record everything on your end too. Always know who you are talking to, including name and title, and only give them the facts that you know. Don’t ever answer questions that involve your opinions or that ask you to guess about things. Stick purely to the facts to make sure you don’t unwittingly say things that can end up hurting you.

Make a Claim Immediately

There are statutes of limitations that you have to file a claim with an insurance company. If you are injured, don’t wait until you know what the extent of your injuries are before you file. When you get home from the accident and after you seek medical care, make sure to contact your insurance company to file a claim. If you don’t, there may be the chance that you might file too late and be out of luck.

Don’t Sign Anything before Your Car Accident Lawyer Looks it Over

If you are handed a settlement offer, don’t ever sign it without having a St. Louis car accident attorney look it over. The first offer is almost always negotiable. If you don’t know what you are entitled to, then you won’t know if the offer is fair or not. Once you sign a settlement, you are absolving the insurance company from any further liability. So, make sure you are being offered all that you deserve before you sign anything.

Hire a St. Louis Accident Attorney

If you are in a car accident in Missouri, there are things that you should do and others that you shouldn’t. The best thing to do is to hire a St. Louis car accident lawyer to walk you through the complexity of dealing with the insurance company and to ensure that you are receiving fair compensation for your damages and injuries.

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Updated: February 13, 2019