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How to Prevent a St. Louis Wildlife Car Accident Involving Deer


Knowing how to avoid car accidents involving deer can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

Did you know that about 1 to 2 million wildlife-related car accidents occur every year? Of these accidents, the majority of these accidents are deer-related. A deer may find its way from the woods to the road and cause a tragic accident. Knowing how to avoid such collisions can mean the difference between life and death.

Here are tips to help you avoid hitting a deer while driving.

deer about to cross the road

1. Use Your Horn

It’s not uncommon for a deer to stand on the road and end up being hit by an unsuspecting driver. In some cases, the driver may be distracted and may not notice the deer until it’s too late to slow down or stop.

If you notice a deer standing on the road, it may be beneficial to honk or flash your lights. This may scare them away and can alert other drivers of the impending danger.

2. Be Extra Attentive

When driving near wooded areas, be careful and avoid distractions. Also, be on the lookout for warning signs indicating the presence of wildlife.

3. Drive Straight and Don’t Swerve

Naturally, your first instinct may be to swerve when you notice a deer. In most cases, however, swerving at high speed could compromise your car control and cause even more damage than you were initially trying to avoid.

4. Use the Middle Lane

If you are on a multi-lane road, try to stay on the middle lane.  The center lane will create more space between you and the woods. Additionally, it’ll buy you the much-needed time to stop if a deer dashes into your path.

5. Slow Down

If you spot a deer in the road, be quick to slow down or stop. Where possible, brake calmly instead of having to wait until the last minute to slam on your brake. The sooner you notice a deer, the more time and distance you will have to reduce the speed and avoid a catastrophic deer-related accident.

Can You Still Pursue an Injury Claim if a Deer Caused Your Accident?

Generally, yes.

Scenario 1: Usually, no one owns the deer. In this case, you will usually file an injury claim against your insurer. Your insurer should generally take care of your medical expenses up to your policy limit.

Scenario 2: If the deer was kept under conservative care, you can likely seek compensation against the owner or caregiver. Therefore, be sure to check for any identifiers that may help you identify the deer’s owner.

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Updated: October 22, 2021